EV SSL – Why is it important on Banking Websites

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Hackers are prying over the digital environment to gain monetary benefits. The most targeted being the financial institutions like banks and other insurance companies. There has been a sure advancement in techniques to improve cyber security, however, the hackers are in par excellence to outstrip the security with their sophisticated spamming techniques. With numerous online banking transactions passing to and from the network, there raises a huge concern to the banks and its customers. SSL Certificate cuts the first turf as it encrypts the transactions that go to and from the website.

EV SSL – Why is it important on Banking Websites

What is SSL Certificate?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL ensures safe and secure transactions. It encrypts all the data that are passed between the browser and the server and hence remains private. SSL implements a two key cryptographic system to encrypt the data, this involves public and private key. The public key encrypts the information and the encrypted information can be used to decode the encrypted data.

What is EV SSL?

EV SSL or Extended Validated SSL Certificate assures complete security to the financial website. With EV SSL on the website, there is a green address bar made visible to the customers which assure that the website is completely authenticated for security.

Why EV SSL is Important for Banking Website

EV SSL assure that the business is secure and legitimate
It displays a green address bar
It boosts customer trust
It improves website rankings in the Google Search Engine Result Page
It encrypts the sensitive financial transactions
It assures complete website and data protection

Role of EV SSL Certificate in Creating Customer Trust

The EV SSL certificate helps the e-commerce merchants to protect critical customer data. Certificate authorities provide EV SSL certificates for the business merchants to build customer trust, to make it more reliable and customer friendly for every successful online transactions. The business entity is verified for legitimacy before the EV SSL is installed and so customers can be sure that their transactions are encrypted.


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