The Much-Coveted SSL Green Bar

August 9, 2017 | By John Britas

SSL certificates offer website security; various levels of them depending on the type of SSL certificate you’ve chosen. The highest level of SSL security is offered by EV SSL Certificates. Websites secured with this, apart from the usual padlock icon, will also contain “a green bar” in the URL. These “green bars” have now become ubiquitous with “utmost security for the website”; meaning these websites are secure from hacking.

So as the whole world shifts towards this much-coveted SSL green bar for online security, some skeptics still question the effectiveness of these SSL Certificates. What these skeptics argue is that the effectiveness of these SSL EV Certs is entirely dependent on people recognizing what these certificates mean and adapting their behavior accordingly. They are of the thought that the human element involved kind of makes the whole process a bit insecure.

The Much-Coveted SSL Green Bar

True, the human element involved is something which cannot be done away with. At the end of the day, when it comes to SSL-certified websites, it is we who decide whether to access a website or not, based on the security indicators provided by browsers. But believe it or not, SSL certificates are definitely effective. And this blog suggests a few reasons why you should stick to them or – and if you don’t have one – buy them.

1. A Great Visual Cue: For years humans have been trained to look for visual cues as they connect with this world. A colorful ad successfully promotes a product and we generally associate darkness and color black with evil. In the same vein, web security has become synonymous with the SSL green bar. Something without which your business will be affected greatly. So SSL green bar not only offers website security but also promotes your business.

2. Decreases Phishing Scams: Of course, all forms of SSL Certificates offer security from various phishing scams. But (EV) Extended Validation SSL Certificates – or the SSL green bar – adds that extra bit of authentication to your website by including your company name in the URL, which others don’t. Therefore SSL green bar for your website keeps your site safe from various phishing scams.

3. EV SSL is The Future: The online world has benefitted a lot from SSL encryption. And considering the rampant cyber crimes existing today, the situation is definitely not going to change in the future. So if you are a business dealing with sensitive information, you have to secure it using EV SSL certificates against various forms of hacking. Like said before, not only EV SSL offers your website security but also increases your business.

Every one of us is unique. Our personality traits are what distinguishes us from each other. In other words, they create an identity which is unique to us. Similarly, your website too needs a unique identity to survive in this cyber crime ridden world. And the EV SSL green bar provides you just that. Therefore get your website EV-SSL Certified and safeguard it from various forms of hacking.

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