Google Page-1 Search Results Top 45% and is Predicted to Grow Further

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“Page-1 HTTPS results topped 45% in our 10K tracking set. Trendline predicts we’ll hit 50% in three months…,” tweets Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz.

In order to encourage better website security, Google has undertaken considerable Public relations efforts to induce websites to switch over to HTTPS, which consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security. HTTPS is also referred to as HTTP Secure, HTTP over SSL or HTTP over TLS. HTTPS offers better security for website visitors as well as the website owners.

Google Page-1 Search Results Top 45% and is Predicted to Grow Further

Google is awarding HTTPS websites with a small rankings boost. In the highly competitive worldwide web, even a minor rankings boost can do wonders. And website owners seem to have woken up to this fact and have started to purchase SSL certificates to implement HTTPS.

Web sites that have HTTPS display a green lock in the address bar of the internet browser.This signifies that the website is secure and all communication takes place through a secure SSL/TLS encrypted connection. All data remains protected from unauthorized entities trying to gain access to the data. The HTTPS and green lock authenticate the website – which means that a visitor can be confident that the visited web page is the actual website that is to be visited and that it is not a spoofed website. HTTPS is not only used for protecting web page authenticity, but also for securing accounts and ensuring the privacy of identity, browsing, and communications.

The innumerable security benefits of HTTPS, the user preference for HTTPS-enabled websites, and as well as Google’s ranking boost are inducing more and more websites to buy SSL and switch over to HTTPS.

Around 45% of Google’s search results on Page-1 have been found to be HTTPS. And this is predicted to increase to 50% within just three months. Considering the increasing SSL adoption rates, this percentage is likely to increase even further.

Considering all these benefits, and also to rank on Page-1, it would be prudent to buy SSL and switch over to HTTPS-enabled websites.

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