Google Works With HTTPS Sites to Display Security Badges

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Online retailers have expressed their concerns at not having a systematic solution for all their Web-related issued especially after being told one is in the works for months.

Google Works With HTTPS Sites to Display Security Badges

  • According to report in August 2014, site owners ran into several problems when trying to convert their entire websites to HTTPS because many site integrations were not HTTPS-friendly yet. Even the participants in Google’s Trusted Stores program were dealing with the incapability issues.
  • The Google Trusted Store program requires sites to display the Google e-commerce verification badge on every page of a website, with the exception of cart pages (secure pages). So by its very design, the verification badge doesn’t display on secure pages. And hence, the issue.
  • A systematic solution is yet to be reached for this.One of the Trusted Stores user, on October 15, posted a question to Google about whether the issue would ever be resolved, and this support would ever be released.
  • The user also said in his post that his site did not qualify to become a trusted store member because the entire website was served via HTTPS. Google should be well aware of the situation, he further added.
  • In response, the Google Trusted Stores Team said that the program requires HTTPS for all Web pages handling sensitive information, such as check out and order confirmation pages.
  • For non-sensitive pages, however, such as home page, informational page, and product page, the program still requires the standard HTTP and not HTTPS.
  • However, the Trusted Stores Team agreed this was a key issur for them to address, for both users and partners. The team is currently working on a solution to this, and is expected to release the support soon.

On Google’s status on adding support, a spokesperson told that the tech giant is actively working with online vendors having a full HTTPS site to enable them to display the Trusted Stores Badge.In a recent update, Google has notified websites that Google Trusted Stores is now compatible with.

Https Security Badges


Google’s main goal is to make businesses trustworthy and provide a way for users to identify legitimate vendors who provide the best shopping experience for them.
If enforced properly, websites can largely benefit from Google Trusted Stores that could be prove a potential game changer in the world of e-commerce.

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