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October 28, 2014 | By Editor 


  • Protecting user data on a system is extremely important, especially considering the increasingly security breaches in recent times. This is precisely why no one can deny the significance of data encryption. All security agencies across the globe use data encryption techniques to safeguard their data and users confidential information in safe hands.
  • Google triggered the chain reaction by only ranking HTTPS-encrypted sites on its search page, and was followed by Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo.
  • Yahoo has launched its latest Yahoo Messenger service that uses this encryption feature.


Yahoo and the Importance of Encryption

Considered one of the most safest mail services, Yahoo has never hesitated to come up with the latest features to protect the identity of its users.

Following Snowden’s revelations about NSA, and governments using the power of legislation to force corporates to reveal details of particular people largely tarnished the image of data security. People began losing trust in Web service providers and the subsequent reluctance to use these services.

This was a huge issue and caused users to move from Yahoo to other services. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Yahoo has launched its encrypted Yahoo Messenger.

The Advantages of Encryption

  • Security researchers found people lacked trust in Yahoo Messenger for many reasons. Majority of them did not feel safe with the popular messenger service. Users felt that the service offered no security to their personal information.
  • The problem’s main started when Yahoo continued to introduce messengers without encrypting them. This caused Yahoo messenger to lose its credibility and it failed to compete with other in the market.
  • It is not the fittest but the one that is capable of adapting itself according to an environment that survives. Realizing this, Yahoo deployed it new version of its Messenger service with safer encryption to gain trust of users, which was once lost.

The Future

Yahoo announced its support for HTTPS, few weeks after Google announced the same. Stringent measures are taken evade this issue by using strong encryption methods.

This encryption feature is not limited just to Yahoo messenger only. The corporate has enforced strict measures for all its features. Yahoo Search is the hardest feature to encrypt. Only time can pan out how effective the Search will turn out to be.

A popular mail service provider and search engine, Yahoo has many challenges ahead of it.

With the hope that it will continue to cater to people needs, Yahoo is banking on its capabilities to meet future challenges appropriately.


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