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5 Essential Tips for Secure Online Shopping using SSL

March 19, 2013 | By  

Online shopping is a fun filled experience for every consumer because it is complete, comprehensive and easily accessible for people of all age groups. Users can sit comfortably in their home, browse through discounts and deals available on the web before making their purchase. In this scenario, an important point to take note of is that one should be aware of malicious hacking, phishing and information scam which is prevalent in this digital shopping world. If you like to enjoy hassle free shopping experience, make sure to know these 5 essential tips to survive.

  • Using a computer which has an upgraded operating system with latest browsers for online shopping is a must. Security experts and application developers continue to update their offerings so as to get rid of malicious bugs or leaks. Make sure you do too at regular intervals
  • Opting for online shopping sites which have a brand reputation, credibility and positive user comments is a viable option for every individual. It minimizes your risk factor and allows you to buy without the risk of losing your money
  • For your personal safety, never use public networks or computers when you like to do online shopping. It can be any place like an airport, library or a coffee joint where the probability for third party intrusion is high and secured levels are usually low
  • Credit cards are safer to use than debit cards because the latter is directly linked to your bank account. In case of fraud, a hacker might be able to withdraw your entire balance. If credit cards are used, you can block it as soon as possible by making a phone call. Be aware of online shopping safety tips to avoid falling into financial traps
  • The most important tip of them all is to verify if the website is hosted on a https server and not a http URL. The ‘S’ denotes that it is secured and all private data are encrypted for maximum security. You can also look for a site seal to be assured further. In highly secured and reputed online retailer sites, you will find the address bar turn green indicating its dependability

All leading online security solution companies offers legit SSL solutions for secured online shopping. SSL certificate is essential for data encryption and to facilitate secured transactions. As a buyer, you can always rely on the certificate authority’s trust seal to assure you are in a safe zone and enjoy an exciting shopping experience


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