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8 Simple Ways to Keep your Password Secured

January 2, 2015 | By Editor 


Hacking is now a routine and there is not a single week that go by without reporting a hacking incident. This statement is evident from the numerous hacking incidents taking place every hour worldwide.

The New York Times reported that Russian hackers had stolen some 1.2 billion combinations of names and passwords along with Internet credentials for 500 million mail addresses. The report was based on information obtained from Hold Security, a cybersecurity company based in Milwaukee.

Steps for Stronger Passwords

Internet security threats have been a part of online life package, but the increased incidents have shed more focus forcing individuals and corporate to review the ways to protect themselves.

If you believe there is a reason that any of your password has been compromised, change it immediately. Make sure your passwords are strong. The following are some ways to strengthen them:

  1. Ensure your password is long. At the minimum, stick to the recommended length that is eight characters. You can also have a 10- or 14- character password for personal user names.
  2. Use a combination of alphabets, special characters, and numbers. You can use upper and lower cases as well.
  3. Refrain from using words found in dictionaries. Hackers use certain programs that can break passwords by going through known words databases.
  4. Substitute numbers with character and vice versa. For example, instead of number seven use the ampersand sign.
  5. Do not use easily guessable words, irrespective of whether if they are in the dictionary or not. Never use your name and school/college/company/hometown name.
  6. Also, avoid using the names of your pets, friends, and relatives too. Likewise, do not use your birthday, mobile number, or ZIP code or consecutive keys on the keyboard, such as “qwerty.”
  7. Avoid using the same passwords for multiple accounts. You may many accounts, so use different passwords for each. Probably, you can repeat a password twice but not more than that. It is acceptable to use simple passwords for general or not-so-important (fake) accounts. But if the password unlocks features that involve credit/debit cards or banking information, then focus on keeping a very strong password.
  8. Keep your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts safe. You can try subscription services that allow you . Passwords that protect your social media accounts should be very strong because if cracked, then your account is no longer yours.


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