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Avoid Cyber Attacks with Secured Email Certificates

May 23, 2013 | By Editor 

Most computer users know that it isn’t safe to enter personal information, such as birth dates, social security numbers, or credit card information into just any website – let alone one not protected by SSL certificates. They know that they must shop in secured environments that have SSL security software installed on them only. But cyber criminals work far beyond stealing credit card information over e-commerce websites that have SSL software; they also work to gain access to your personal information through your inbox.

Many people believe that, as long as email from unknown sender’s filters to their junk mail, anything that lands in their actual inbox is safe and legitimate – especially if the message is coming from a SSL secured source. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Simply opening the wrong email, clicking on a link, or downloading simple files can create costly problems that often times result in spending hundreds of dollars on computer repair or even having to replace technology. Avoid these issues by using secured email certificates protected by SSL technology with your email client.

It is important that you utilize internet security programs like SSL certificate software to protect your device and network, but most of these problems do not provide a quality secured email certificate – this leaves your system vulnerable to attack. All email submits over non-SSL secured internet connections. The result is that viruses and malware have easy access to your mail and can embed at any point without you ever knowing. This vulnerability also provides an opportunity for third parties to access your inbox and private communications – a risk that no business, especially one in the healthcare arena, can risk. Protect your private communications by installing a reliable SSL secure email certificate as part of your comprehensive internet SSL certificate security suite.

Comodo is a trusted provider of SSL internet security software with proven, reliable technologies. Comodo offers free email certificates to businesses that offer several top-notch features, such as Microsoft® Office integration and data encryption. With Comodo Digital Security Email Certificates, your email is embedded with digital signatures to protect your communications to others from becoming infected.

Comodo’s Digital Security Email Certificates software works to encrypt all of your email content in order to prevent third parties from intercepting, reading, or destroying your communications. In the case that a third party does attempt to access your communication, you and the message recipient will be made aware that the message is no longer trusted.

Comodo Email Security SSL Certificates are compatible with most major email clients, including Microsoft® Office, Incredimail, Thunderbird, and others that are based on SMTP, POP, IMAP and S/MIME.

Using Comodo’s SSL software protects against identity theft. One of the newest ways that cyber criminals are attempting to gain access to your information is by embedding a virus into an email that contains a link. When the recipient clicks the link, they provide complete access to their computer, files, and secured information – this allows thieves to steal credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank account information, among other things. Comodo’s SSL software prevents the reception of such harmful emails and damaging links.

As a healthcare business, your employees typically have access to a number of different devices. And some of them might be protected by SSL certificate technology while others are not. While your employees are likely to be smart about their computer usage, many cybercrime attempts appear legitimate and even the smartest employee can be fooled from time to time. Protect your business and its assets by installing secured email SSL software, such as those from Comodo.

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