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Biggest Security Threat Posed By Mobile Devices In 2014

February 27, 2014 | By Editor 

The entire IT security infrastructure is now being threatened by virus and malware, but they are not those generated on computers, but rather the ones developed in mobile devices. The smartphone and tablet industry is booming which obviously led to them becoming one of the most widely preferred platform of choice.

Phones became more computer like and now warrants security systems such as SSL encryption because of the amount of shopping done on it. Based on all these developments, security experts strongly believe that the mobile devices are the ones that are about to pose highest threat levels in 2014. The upcoming year is being touted as the year of internet of all things which means connectivity will become more prevalent.

Every device right from phones to tablets and smart watches to televisions will be online so that consumers can easily transfer content or view them. But, the security measures are not so great in place for these new platforms that use hybrid operating system variants and demand special development cycle.

Mobile Devices Security Threats

Security companies are working to bring in a new era of security tools and SSL grade industry standard encryption for mobile devices shortly.

The corporate malware is on the rise where cyber criminals are working in groups to compromise security measures and sell those stolen data in the deep web. For such breaches, it is said that majority of companies have a loophole when it comes to strict policies on communication devices and social media. A company was put in peril because its chief developer clicked on a link sent by a fake female on a social media website that hacked into his computer and took all the information out.

A security firm demonstrated this scene so as to show how organizations are extremely vulnerable when it comes to social media website handling as well as smartphone management. A definitive endpoint solution is required at the moment.

Budget constraints were also high during the fiscal year 2013 because malware was on the rise and in order to cope up, companies had to increase their manpower by two fold. More and more automated attacks combined with rootkits threaten the IT sector. While consumers rely on SSL encrypted websites for added security, they face issues when it comes to a DDOS attack that might bring down the entire hosting server so as to steal information even before the transaction is complete.

Mobiles pose a threat as they are not only used to send information, but also websites like Dropbox and box are being accessed using this device which hardly has any security updates associated with it.

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