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Which Browsers to Choose for Better Privacy and Security

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Browsers we use for visiting websites, but browsers do much more than that. The web browser that you use is your constant companion during your online outings and hence know a lot about you. They use this info to tell sites you visit a lot about you. But you can prevent this from happening. For that you need to choose a browser that can assure you best security and privacy. With your current browser too, you could also follow certain steps that could make things better for you.

Here’s a look on the browsers that could give you best privacy and security…

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The Tor Browser

Tor, despite its drawbacks, is a browser that gives you utmost privacy and anonymity. Tor protects you from malicious tracking ads and cookies and bounces your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. Thus your identity and your computer are kept anonymous, as anonymous as possible. You would find that Tor, which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux without needing to install any software and which is based on Firefox, wouldn’t have most built-in plugins and services or else they will be disabled. But it would be wise to let it be like that so as to ensure maximum privacy. Tor, however, wouldn’t guarantee security and encryption outside its network, though communications within the Tor network remain encrypted.

The Comodo Browsers

Comodo, the company that leads the SSL Certificates market, deals with a lot of security products. Comodo has three browsers too, which provide a great amount of privacy and protection.

Comodo Dragon, which is a Chromium-based browser, gives maximum importance to security and privacy. While using the browser, Comodo will validate the SSL certificate and identity details of every site you visit and also notify you if it’s risky to visit a particular site. You will also have the option of browsing through Comodo’s secure, encrypted DNS which helps you browse leaving fewer traces of your movement. Comodo Dragon also blocks tracking cookies and such other widgets.

Comodo Ice Dragon, a free internet browser which is  Firefox-based, offers the same level of protection as Comodo Dragon.

Chromodo, which is a Chromium-based browser, is identical almost to Comodo Dragon and has a more standard (non-Comodo branded) look and feel.

The Epic Privacy Browser

The Chromium-based Epic Privacy Browser, which is an open source browser available for Windows and OSX, blocks tracking cookies and ads, blocks tracking scripts and modules from loading and has privacy features like no history, no web cache, no DNS pre-fetching, no DNS cache, no rogue extensions, no autofill, no automated “Most Visited Websites”’, no auto-suggest etc. It sandboxes third-party processes and plugins and also encrypts your connection whenever possible, mostly by shunting to HTTPS/SSL.

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