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Build Customer Trust with Free SSL Certificate

June 27, 2013 | By Editor 

It’s no secret to small business owners that building that customer base is a difficult and time consuming process. But what would you say if we told you that simply installing a free SSL Certificate on your website – regardless of the product you are selling, is a quick and easy way to develop trust?

If you’re answer to this question is ‘how can a free SSL Certificate help create trust’ – keep reading.

Today’s cyber threats are growing across the globe. And websites powered by free SSL Certificates or upgraded certificates allow consumers to be confident that their online session between themselves and the website they are visiting is safe and secure. However, free SSL certificates also empower consumers to go many steps further that help convert them from simple website visitors to qualified leads.

First – Free SSL Certificates Show Consumers You Care About Them

Sol Price, the founder of Price Club in 1976 one stated that ‘Building a warehouse membership club is easy, but building trust between our company and our member’s is the key to success’. Well, if Mr. Price was alive today, I’m certain he’d install a free SSL Certificate on his website – regardless of his industry. Mr. Price not only saw the value in something free, but also was dedicated to building trust among his customers. And when you install a free SSL Certificate on your website, it shows your customers and all potential customers that you care about their online protection.

Second – Free SSL Certificates Help Convert Leads to Sales

If you own a small business and install free SSL certificate from Comodo, your credibility vastly improves. In recent statistics, over 75% look for a free SSL certificate provider’s seal of approval before continuing onto buying anything from these companies. And by simply installing the free SSL certificate on your website, you instantly gain credibility associated with top brands like NASA, APPLE, and more.

Third – Free SSL Certificates Save You Money

When you install a Free SSL certificate on your website, the cost is – well; FREE. There is no obligation to upgrade to any services and you won’t be spammed with upgrade offers when you work with Comodo free SSL. Their point-to-verify technology is easy to use and to understand. It is designed to show your clients verified credentials so they know that your website and connection are secure and safe for their use.

This is why many companies who may have Free SSL certificates from Comodo feel better than paying for inferior paid programs. And this statistic was recently confirmed by by third-party review experts; such as the team at AV-Testing. In fact, Comodo’s Free Internet Security 6.0 Premium recently received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any Free or Paid Internet Security Software. This type of quality driven online security protocols are built into every product that Comodo provides their consumers – especially their Free SSL.

Even further, the computer experts at PC Mag rated Comodo’s FREE internet security programs among the elite – and that includes most companies PAID programs. This leads to the conclusion, that when you’re looking to create that brand affection between you and that important customer, do the right thing and begin by simply installing a Free SSL Certificate powered by Comodo.

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