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Build Trust with SSL Certificate Installation

July 8, 2013 | By Editor 

One basic rule of business that rings true regardless of industry or specialty is that it is much easier to maintain a relationship with current clients and work for repeat customers than it is to build new relationships and secure new clients. There are many ways to keep happy clients, but one of the most proven is to establish and maintain trust.

To gain client trust, you must delivery consistently with high quality products or services within scope and within deadline. It means being reliable, courteous, and honest. And for e-commerce businesses in particular, it means providing clients with security like SSL while they are shopping with you.

SSL Trust

One of the best ways to build trust and to protect your clients is to employ high quality SSL throughout your e-commerce website. Recent consumer group surveys have found that before consumers even check a website’s pricing, more than 75 percent of online shoppers will first verify that the website has quality SSL Certificate installed.
SSL is not all created equal and consumers know it. Consumers want to know that their information and identities are safe and often rely on third-party review sites, such as AV-Testing for software recommendations and information on trustworthy e-commerce sites to fill their purchasing needs.

What Does SSL Do?

Most people have heard of SSL, but not everyone knows exactly what SSL is or why they are important.

As an e-commerce business, potential customers peruse your website to find if you offer a product or service that meets their needs. When they go to make a purchase, they submit personal and financial information through your site, over the Web – things like addresses, billing information, and birth dates. This is where an SSL Certificate comes into play.

Hackers and cyber criminals play a daily game, looking to access personal information to steal identities, money, and business information. They typically gain access through this information by accessing online transactions – often those completed through e-commerce sites not protected with SSL techonology.

A quality SSL acts as a barrier between the hackers and your website, shielding your client’s’ information from prying eyes. The certificate will encrypt your clients’ information so that it is accessible only to the information’s owner (your client) and recipient (you). If it weren’t for SSL technology, today’s e-commerce world would be in little to no existence since online shopping is simply too risky without it.

Finding a Quality SSL Certificate

Comodo is a software developer of countless proven internet security programs and SSL technologies. In fact, AV-Test recently gave Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium a perfect 6-6 rating in Protection – the highest possible rating for any free or paid internet security software. Additionally, the computer experts at PC Mag recently rated Comodo’s free internet security programs among the best programs available today. This quality extends throughout all of Comodo’s technologies, including its SSL Certificate programs.

Comodo’s SSL Certificate provides thorough protection for your business and its clients to keep transactions and personal information private. The technology is affordable and convenient – to install a Comodo SSL Certificate, simply visit Comodo’s website where they are available for download.

Keep your clients safe and build trust to grow your business – a quality SSL Certificate is an important step on that path.

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