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Buy SSL to Take Care of E-Commerce Customers

July 4, 2013 | By Editor 

As an e-commerce business, it is important to your success that you be able to identify with your customers and understand how they shop. This often starts when you Buy SSL certificate technology. When a visitor arrives on your business’ website for the first time, there are four very important pieces of information that they expect to find quickly and easily in the pass of an eye:


  • Identify exactly what your company sells
  • Your company name
  • What differentiates your products from other websites?
  • Is your website secure?

With respect to this last item, recent consumer studies have found that 75 percent of online shoppers will complete their purchases only through vendors with visible proof that the website is protected after you Buy SSL certificate technology. Today’s consumers are smart and savvy – they know that when you buy SSL vulnerability to identity theft and other cybercrimes decrease.

The decision to Buy SSL certificate will protect your e-commerce business and its customers by encrypting data submitted over the internet – such as names, addresses, and credit card or financial information as is used to complete purchases. This encryption ensures that after you buy SSL, no prying eyes or hands are able to access the information – only the sender and you, the intended recipient, are able to view it.

After you Buy SSL certificate to protect your website, such as those offered by Comodo, you will receive visible proof in the form of a seal that displays on your website – this visual cue lets consumers know that your website is safe. Not only does the decision to buy SSL technology help to build consumer confidence and trust, but it also helps your bottom line by increasing your sales conversion rates.

Why to Buy SSL Certificate from Comodo?

Comodo is a leading provider of internet security technology and a leading reason why professionals buy SSL from Comodo. Its proven technologies have earned it a great reputation among consumers and media for both quality and price. In fact, AV-Test recently gave Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium a perfect 6-6 rating in Protection – the highest possible rating for any free or paid internet security software. This outstanding review has led to many people to buy ssl from Comodo.

When you buy SSL from Comodo, it is signed with the NIST recommended 2048-bit signatures and also provides up to 256-bit encryption of data. Comodo backs its technology with a 30-day no-challenges guarantee; this means that if you buy SSL Comodo will refund the purchase price no questions asked if you are not satisfied. Beyond that, after you buy SSL, Comodo’s technical support team stands by ready to answer any questions you may have or to help you troubleshoot should you need assistance.

Security Without Delay when you Buy SSL

When you buy SSL Certificate from Comodo, there is no need to wait for your website to get approved – Comodo completes all necessary authentication and verifications during the simple purchase process. This means when you buy SSL certificate from Comodo, you will receive your Certificate and the seal for your website in just minutes, rather than weeks.

Provide your customers with the security they want and count on when you Buy SSL Certificate from Comodo.

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