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Can I Get A Quality Built Trial SSL for Free?

June 27, 2013 | By Editor 

Recently there have been many questions about how Trial SSL certificates work, and whether or not it’s a smart idea to download them. With many manufactures putting out bait and switch tactics with trial programs, there is no wonder why many computer users would be hesitant about trying the free SSL certificates out there. However, Comodo has established itself as the leading provider of free online security products – and this extends to the Trial SSL certificates offered by Comodo for download each day.

Here are a few facts about the trial SSL certificates offered by Comodo that will prove to you that making the decision to try the Trial SSL certificate is in fact a smart and safe decision.

What are the benefits of downloading a trial SSL certificate from Comodo?

  • First, Trial SSL Certificates by Comodo are provided to you at no cost or commitment
  • Second, the trial SSL Certificates from Comodo are the same as their paid Essential SSL certificates
  • Third, the SSL certificates are trusted by 99.9% of browsers – ensuring that they’ll work
  • Fourth, this is a free trial SSL from a Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Finally, the trial SSL Full Secure Sockets Layer functionality issued in minutes and good for 90 days. (The other sites only offer 30 day trials)

The free trial SSL certificate from Comodo is designed to give it a test drive on your website to see how well the SSL security works before you go live with a full version. You can install this trial SSL certificate instantly and verify how easy it is to work without causing harm to your sever or website. A free certificate secures your website or server for a 90-day period, with the same 128/256 bit encryption that paid upgrade programs offer. This gives you a real world test of the trial SSL certificate offered by Comodo as opposed to teasing you with less reliable features that many other providers do daily with their free SSL certificates.

How do you set up a free Trial SSL Certificate from Comodo?

There are three easy steps for setting up a trial SSL certificate with Comodo:

Step #1: Create your CSR (Certificate Signing Request). The instructions for this are provided to you at Checkout for IIS, Apache and all popular web server types.

Step #2: Sign up for your Free Trial Certificate – follow the fully automated authentication and issuance process.

Step #3: Install your Free Security Certificate – secure your server in minutes

It really is that simple folks.

What can the Comodo SSL Certificate Do for Your Business?

The free trial SSL certificate is a fully functional digital security certificate that is trusted and recognized by 99.9% of all internet browsers. The Comodo 90-day trial SSL Certificate allows you to get rid of all security warnings that your currently un-protected website puts out to visitors. This builds trust between you and all visitors to your website – which results in qualifying leads and increased sales.

You can trust that Comodo takes tremendous pride in offering high-quality trial SSL certificates. Comodo’s Free Internet Security 6.0 Premium recently received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any Paid or Free Internet Browser. This type of quality driven online security protocols are built into every product that Comodo provides their consumers – especially their trial SSL certificates.

Even further, the computer experts at PC Mag rated Comodo’s FREE internet security programs among the elite – and that includes most companies PAID programs. Make the smart choice – download and install the free Trial SSL certificate powered by Comodo today.

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