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Comodo Free SSL Certificate, The Right Trial Option

February 21, 2014 | By Editor 

For new online merchants, who are still coming to terms with the concept of online shopping and acquiring more customers, SSL Certificate might sound like a vague term. It’s completely new and is more familiar with the tech savvy or business savvy people than common men.

Any new merchant should learn to understand the concept behind encryption so as to be on the safe side. Besides, assuring their customers of the secured access they provide is mandatory if they wish to increase sales and keep conversion rates high.

Providing highest level of integrity helps customers share their credentials, credit card information without feeling intimidated. If you are completely new to this sector, Comodo free SSL Certificate is the best way to go about it. Not only is the encryption solution free of cost, but it comes from a highly reputed company such as Comodo. The brand is leading providers of all types of certificates including the premium extended validation.

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The free SSL Certificateprovided by Comodo is a great trial option to start off with because you can know more about integrating it with the server and its benefits. Comodo is the only company which offers this high quality certificate for free and a generous trial period. Online merchants can use it for a solid 90 day period without having to pay anything and it is not a stripped down version of the full product, but it features all the exclusives that a paid certificate offers.

The golden padlock provided along with the free product is exceptionally useful when it comes to assuring customers that they are in safe zone. It is the visual indicator that visibly shows everyone they are in a protected area and encourages better sales. Product is compatible with almost all major web browsers and works seamlessly without any manual tweaking required.

Other benefits users gain by using it include the ability to get security warning messages, instant security for the entire website as well as the visitors besides industry grade 2048 bit protection. It is the highest possible protection that SSL Certificate can offer and is the latest upgrade as well. Validation time required to approve and provide the free product is exceptionally less.

You can get one within a single business day or less. You will also get free guidance on how to install and upload it onto your server for proper encryption. Trial SSL is your ultimate way to retain and build visitors while knowing the benefits of using this encryption tool, recognized by people around the globe. 

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