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Consolidate SSL Certificate with UCC Certificate

July 5, 2013 | By Editor 

Many organizations use MS® Exchange 2010 or the Office Communication Server environment for communications and business processes. As an e-commerce business, your company communications and operations are integral to your success – but managing security for various platforms and programs can be time consuming and confusing. A UCC Certificate – or more correctly, a UC Certificate, can help you to consolidate every business’ security certificate into one easily managed place.


More commonly called a UCC certificate or a Unified Communication SSL Certificate, the correct term is actually a UC C Certificate – any of these terms will help you to accomplished streamlined, more manageable security certificate. A UCC will integrate all of your MS® Exchange or Office Communications Server environment security certificate into one unified certificate so that, rather than needed to manage and renew countless certificate, you only need to worry about the one. UCC Certificate is built especially for the MS® Exchange or Office Communications Server environment.

Benefits of UCC Certificate

  • There are also many other benefits to using a UCC Certificate, beyond the ease of use and increased efficiency and manageability, including:
  • UCC Certificate secure information transmitted over several different domains – both internal to your e-commerce site or external
  • The UCC Certificate is built to work with and support a new Exchange platform capability, called the Microsoft Exchange Auto-Discover service – this service is designed to simplify the client administration process
  • UCC Certificate is convenient and quick to secure – it takes just minutes for individuals or organizations to procure a certificate
  • UCC Certificate offers Full Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control

By bringing all of your security certificate down to one easy-to-manage certificate, you will increase your business’ efficiency and reliability while also saving on certificate and administrative costs

How to Secure a UCC Certificate

At this time, there are only three Official Microsoft UCC Certificate Vendors – one of these vendors is Comodo, an organization with a solid reputation and proven internet security software technologies.

Recently, Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any free internet browser or paid. PC Mag’s cyber experts also rated Comodo’s free internet security programs among the elite – even over most companies paid programs. The quality and high standards applied to these technologies extend through all of Comodo’s UCC certificate products.

Comodo offers various SSL Certificates, including standard SSL and Wildcard SSL Certificates – however, the UCC Certificate from Comodo stands out because it provides secured communication to various domains – both internal and external to your e-commerce business. Comodo’s UCC Certificate is nearly universally recognized – so much so that 99.9 percent of browsers worldwide are compatible with them; this recognition is nearly unheard of in the online security industry.

Comodo’s UCC Certificate provides 128/256 bit encryption and is designed for MS® Exchange 2010 and OCS environments. Comodo stands behind its products, offering unlimited and no-fee UCC certificate reissuance should you need to move or change your e-commerce site’s domain for any reason.

The UCC Certificate is a great way to keep your business’ website and clients safe, while also cutting down on administrative time and costs. Comodo’s certificate is among the industry’s best and come at an affordable cost.


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