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Earning Trust through SSL Certificate Installation

June 25, 2013 | By Editor 

Trust is the word of the day. Whether you’re dealing with a long-term client, or trying to establish a new partnership for your growing company, the fact remains that most business deals are built on trust first and foremost. And in the e-commerce world, this trust with your customers starts and ends with quality SSL Certificate installation on your entire website.

They say it’s much easier to maintain business relationships than to build new ones. In fact, in the online e-commerce industry, many of today’s leading companies keep this trust with their customers through the SSL Certificate they choose to power their websites. When you have a powerful SSL protecting the identity, security information and account information of your customers, they can be certain to return to your e-commerce website in the future. As such, this trust is what ensures stability and growth.

What Is SSL and Why Do I Need It?

Many small business owners have heard of SSL before, but may not be certain what they are, and why they should install them on their websites. For those who wonder, here are a few basic facts.

  • SSL Certificate – or a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology designed to encrypt delicate information that is entered and received on your website, making sure that it’s only accessible by you (the website owner) and the website visitor. This SSL encryption keeps this private information out of the hands of online identity thieves, hackers and other cyber-threats. In fact, if a protection certificate didn’t exist, with today’s computer technology, shopping online would virtually be non-existent.
  • SSL protects your customer’s private financial and personal records. When people shop on an e-commerce website, they trust that when they enter their birthdate, address, phone number and credit card information; you as a business owner have some sort of certificate protecting them. But, shoppers now-a-days are becoming aware that if a website does not have a reliable SSL Certificate; it’s in the consumers best interest to shop elsewhere.
  • Without reliable SSL installed on a website, hackers could potentially intercept payments, financial information, and other personal details your clients provide via the internet through your website. The SSL is designed to protect your customer identities and also help you build a strong, trusted and reliable brand.

It’s no accident that recent consumer group surveys have shown that more than 75-percent of online shoppers check to see if a company has a powerful SSL installed on their website – before even checking pricing. This is why many companies who may have had cheaper SSL certificate have upgraded to trustworthy brands that are rated extremely high by third-party review experts; such as the team at AV-Testing.

In fact, Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium recently received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any Free or Paid Internet Security Software. This type of quality driven online security protocols are built into every product that Comodo provides their consumers – especially their SSL. Even further, the computer experts at PC Mag rated Comodo’s FREE internet security programs among the elite – and that includes most companies PAID programs.

Comodo provides several SSL Certificate options for download from its website. Now a trusted security solutions provider, Comodo SSL started with a small capital investment and grew into a successful business – but the first thing it did was to establish a professional image from the beginning. As a business owner with a website, you should take advantage of Comodo’s SSL proven technology and gain your shoppers’ confidence, build that trust and develop long-term loyalty by providing each of them with a secure shopping environment powered by SSL certificate.

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