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GiftGhostBot invades Gift Card Balances

April 4, 2017 | By  

Gift card balances in the virtual space are now in the hands of cyber thieves. Distil Networks, a well known security vendor notified about an automated bot called the GiftGhostBot to steal retail gift card balances. As per the records from Distil Networks, the hacker bot has been found to have invaded close to or more than 1000 client websites.

The GiftGhostBot automatically processes to scan the gift card account numbers by sending a request for balance from the retailer. The cyber-criminals exploit the gains from GiftGhostBot and resells the gift card account with its balance. However the complete outcome of financial crisis from GiftGhostBot attack is yet to confirm on the numbers.

The account numbers are then recorded by the cyber thieves for fiscal benefits in the virtual netherworld or to purchase some items through the online shopping site. The deal here is that the gift cards once accessed and stolen remain incognito and the source from where the bots are functioned to access the cards cannot be identified.

The GiftGhostBots are stationed across internet service providers, data centres, and other hosting providers globally and is developed to run javascript so as to resemble as a regular browser and escapes detection even before the victim has realized the data loss. The immediate target victims of GiftGhostBot operators are retailers that have an option for customers to gift coupons to their friends and family. The hackers have found it very resourceful and hence to avoid any data loss, individuals and companies are to work on preventive measures with strong security solutions to defy virtual damage and secure gift card balances from the prying cyber thieves.

How to Stay Protected

  • Taking a screenshot of the giftcard balance page would be a proof that helps you stay alert in case of discrepancies.
  • Do not encourage unused gift cards. Use it on a regular basis to avoid suspicious intervention.
  • Deploy CAPTCHA for the retailers to prevent malicious bots to gain unauthorized access to the accounts.
  • Go for rate limit options to check your balance page



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