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Guide To Stay Safe Online While Shopping

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In the era, where online shopping is the order of the day, consumers should be aware of the potential threats involved in sharing financial details online. The guide to stay safe online while shopping for stuff will brief you on what to do and what not to do so as to experience a safe E-commerce browsing experience.

Individuals cannot avoid shopping sites because most products now-a-days are being sold at cheap rates by online retailers. Even if this sounds highly interesting, make sure to shop from reputed sellers who have earned positive comments and reliable feedback from previous buyers to avoid falling into a scam trap. Here’s a simple overview what you ought to do to stay safe online.

Always use your common sense to make some humane decisions. Websites which look crappy, filled with irrelevant ads or designed shabbily will most probably be bad. Avoid them at any cost.

Know what secure certificates are all about. They encrypt data to provide you better security. Websites with green address bar or secured seal will be your best bet to be safe online. Look for such visual indicators before your shop with new sites.

Read customer feedback and make sure they were left by genuine customers, not the owner of the site.

Check the unique resource locator, URL. If it shows HTTPS, then it indicates that the website is secured and is safe to proceed.

If possible, using third party reliable websites like Paypal to complete transactions and avoid providing your credit or debit card will be a good move. It’s one other important factor to stay safe online.

Be extra careful when using smartphones to shop. Apps may or may not be legit. Verify is source before downloading and using it. Unlike computers, mobiles are still an emerging technology and has to be handled with care.

For newly established ecommerce websites, customer feedback might be less. If you are keen on shopping in such sites, try using a search engine and search the keyword. Any negative comments may usually be posted in forums or other sites, if there is any. This will provide you better web safety.

The list of security tips are endless. When you wish to stay safe online, the sole responsibility relies on you as an individual. Offers that are too good to be true will most probably be a scam. Check out for HTTPS in the URL. Don’t try to buy products being priced at dead cheap rates as its a guise to make you click on it or pay to purchase something non-existent.

Enjoy a hassle free shopping experience with such precautionary steps!

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