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Healthcare Government Website Issues Are Being Fixed

November 20, 2013 | By Editor 

Healthcare.Gov is a government run website, which is in the news often these days because of the issues that it has been facing in recent times. The insurance shopping site was first compromised and then it was moved from its original servers. To make things more secure, the SSL Certificate used in it was revoked and new keys were issued. The team who is responsible for its security and proper operation undertook pressure to make plenty of changes within a short period of time.

They provided better user navigation, a proper insurance eligibility process checking tool and also a completely new enhanced user notification system. This will alert users whenever there is an incorrect entry in the data and prompt them to change them at the earliest to avoid confusions in the overall processing. The new eligibility checker makes it much easier for consumers and buyers to see if they actually qualify for the insurance or not.


Unlike the old version which was already available on the website, the new one is much more sophisticated and has the capability to retrieve information without fail. It also has a better scanning system which goes through the entire range of insurances available before suggesting the right one according to the user’s needs.

The team behind this also promises that the SSL Certificate, which is being used at present is highly secure and will hardly cause any issues. Users can comfortably share their credit card details online with the website to make purchases and pay for insurances. No detail will be compromised and the website is safe from any more attacks, promises the technical team behind this dozens of feature updates rolled out.

Besides, technical team which was actually working round the clock to deliver these updates has changed the electronic signature page to point users towards further steps for secure transactions. Changing the SSL Certificate was part of the plan and that Health Care Government website is expected to be the most user-friendly page to go, is what the team says. Apart from this, other US Government websites which faced some breaches in the recent past were also updated so as to stay secure and stop any attackers from gaining access to sensitive data. Users have reported that they are seeing fewer errors now and the website is much more active than ever, responding to every query with utmost precision. It’s quite as well now than before.

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