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How Ecommerce Can Flourish With Wildcard SSL?

June 28, 2013 | By  

The ecommerce stores are growing at a rapid pace and business owners find the competition increasing every day. While securing customer data and notifying them of the same is a good move to gain trust, using wildcard ssl so as to promote a huge list of product categories promotes sales even better. The search engine giant Google receive billions of new pages everyday with similar keywords. To provide a better customer experience, it operates based on focus keywords and how relevant the content is to what they search.

The advantage of using Wildcard SSL lies in its feature that allows users to use as many sub domains as required. When you own a store that has plenty of product categories to cover, Wildcard SSL comes in handy. By using the cert, you can split your website into various sub domains as per the product and secure it. At the same time, the wildcard ssl also allows it to have many focus keywords that will increase its visibility on search engines.

Gaining visibility

When you look forward to expanding your business and gain more customers, the essential part is to gain their trust. No customer will be willing to share their private data or bank details which is why you should rely on wildcard ssl so as to provide assurance. The purpose of using ssl certificates is to provide encryption solutions for the specific pages or the entire website. This allows the server and the intended computer to communicate with ease, in a secure manner. When the data is being processed, wildcard ssl will ensure no tampering occurs and even if a hacker manages to get the content, they will not be able to read or see what’s inside.

Such security measures assures the customer that they can share their bank details, pay for products or services online without the issue of data hacking. Another prominent advantage of going for wildcard ssl is that it is not limited to a single domain but can be used with multiple domains, making it easier for SEO purposes.

Different service providers offer Wildcard SSL solutions. Comodo is definitely the best among them because of the positive customer reputation and solid service that the company provides. You can increase your conversion rate, be a better ecommerce store in the market and most of all, it will definitely help your business flourish both in an SEO and customer trust perspective.


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