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Earn Client Trust to Grow Your E-commerce Business with Free SSL

July 11, 2013 | By Editor 

As the owner of an e-commerce business you undoubtedly expected a few bumps and challenges on the way. If your business is thriving, you have likely already done a great job of earning your clients’ trust and building a positive relationship – this is one area that many e-commerce sites struggle with when starting up. Free SSL is a great way to build this trust.

One of the best ways to earn trust for your online commerce site is to let potential clients know that they are safe while shopping with you – that you have taken the steps necessary to protect their personal and financial information from hackers and cyber criminals. A free SSL certificate will accomplish this without you needing to spend a dime.

Benefits of Free SSL

How a Free SSL Certificate Benefits Your Business

By encrypting this information, a free SSL Certificate ensures that the only parties that are able to access the information are your customer and you – in essence, the sender and the intended recipient. A free SSL will show your customers you care about their safety as well.

There are several additional benefits that your business can experience by installing trusted free SSL Certificates, including:

  • Trusting Clients, Successful Business: Not only do free SSL Certificates protect your clients against identity theft – but free ssl also protect your e-commerce business from loss of clients and loss of funds.
  • Increased Sales Conversion: Recent consumer studies have found that more than 75 percent of online shoppers verify that a website is secured with a visible free SSL Certificate shield or other proof before even looking at what the site has to offer. This means that if you do not have proof of a free SSL Certificate on your business’ website, you are automatically losing 75 percent of your potential business. This is why installing a free ssl platform is a great start.
  • By installing a quality free SSL Certificate, consumers will know that your site is a safe environment for them to shop, boosting your sales conversions and revenue and also building consumer trust – a necessary ingredient for our business’ success.
  • Positive Brand Association: Many top brands use top-of-the-line SSL Certificate technology to protect their sites – brands such as NASA and Apple, just to name two. By installing similar free SSL Certificates on your site, you are establishing a more positive brand for yourself through brand association

Comodo offers a Free SSL Certificate that offers quality protection and features. This free SSL certificate is a great way to test the technology and protect your business and its clients without a costly investment – there is nothing to lose.

Comodo’s certificates use user friendly, easy to understand point-to-verify technology that is designed to show your clients verified credentials, establishing that your website and connection are secure. Comodo’s free SSL Certificates offer the same quality that has gained other Comodo products such positive media attention. Just recently, AV-Test rated Comodo’s Free Internet Security 6.0 Premium a perfect 6-6 rating by in Protection – the highest possible rating. The computer experts at PC Mag rated Comodo’s free internet security programs among the elite – and that includes most companies’ paid programs.

Take the next step toward growing your business and earning potential clients’ trust – install free SSL Certificates.

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