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How to Be Sure the Sites You Visit Are Secure

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Shopping online is a common occurrence in modern times and with so many new online retailers coming up every other day, it is important to know if your transactions are safe. The first and most reliable defense is provided by SSL security which encrypts the data that is transmitted through so that no data tampering, intrusion or phishing can occur. As a customer, you will definitely be curious and interested to know how to be sure that the sites you visit are actually secure for shopping. The answer lies right here where everything about cyber security, encryption and more will be briefed.

Visual indicators

Most websites, be it social networking sites, shopping sites or banking pages, will be using secure SSL certificates provided by certificate authorities. The CA is responsible for providing a private key and a public key to the browsers so that a handshake is established when information is transferred. The handshake is a simple recognition established between your web browser and the seller’s server to ensure that you are sending information to the authorized party.

Some simple methods to know if a page is secured are:

  • Site Seal – Look for the site seal which will be provided by the issuing certificate authority. It is located in the top right or left, bottom right or left corners. Usually, the seals are in circular or triangular format and will be placed in an easily identifiable location
  • HTTPS links – Links which use a https protocol indicate that the website is using SSL security and the S denotes the word Secured
  • Green Address Bar – While you are making the payment, transacting money or entering your card details, the SSL secure payment seal will be displayed or the browser address bar will turn green. The green bar is the premium level of certification named extended validation and is issued to a company only when its existence is verified
  • Verification tools – There are various tools available online which will instantly verify whether a website has obtained online security certificate and will provide you with the necessary details. You can also know about the CA who issued it, the company details and its validity

While it is not mandatory that every website should use SSL security, it is definitely a must for any site that gathers personal information, social networking sites and online banking solution providers.

Every type of information you share, especially sensitive ones should be encrypted with SSL security, Secure Socket Layer Security efficiently carry this process and help you avoid spammers, phishing sites and hackers from accessing crucial private data.

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