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How to Find a Cheap EV SSL that Works

June 26, 2013 | By Editor 

Everybody likes a good price on quality online security products like EV SSL certificates. However, finding a cheap EV SSL that works well and provides your online customers a feeling of trust can be difficult. In the e-commerce world, using Extended Validation (or EV certificates) not only proves to your customers that you’ve got their best interest in mind, but it also truly protects their online experience, as a quality-built cheap EV SSL certificate; such as the ones provided by Comodo will help develop that trust because of that highlighted green https identifier.

For those who might be new to EV SSL, here are a few important answers about what EV SSL is, and how to find the best – yet cheap EV SSL that will protect your customers without breaking the bank.

Question #1 – What is an EV SSL or Extended Validation Certificate?

One of the most commonly asked questions submitted by people looking for cheap EV SSL certificates is what exactly Extended Validation SSL accomplishes. Here are a few important bullet points:

  • An EV SSL certificate or Extended Validation SSL is the green address bar that shows up prominently on the website browser of anybody that visits your website. This SSL certificate identifier clearly identifies your website as being safe and authenticated to visit. As such, this tells your customers that you’ve got their best interest and personal protection on the top of your mind because of the EV SSL protection offered on your website.
  • Extended Validation SSL is also designed to provide a quick visual identifying that your website is ‘good to go’ and safe to visit. This is why Comodo uses the Green color to identify this important safety protocol offered by Extended Validation SSL Certificates.

Question #2 – How does a Cheap EV SSL certificate from Comodo go above and beyond others?

The first answer here is that stating that a Comodo Extended Validation SSL Certificate is CHEAP only refers to the price. In fact, Comodo SSL certificates are some of the most advanced and user friendly in the industry. Here are several reasons why you should consider installing and purchasing Extended Validation SSL from Comodo:

  • When consumers see the green address bar on your website provided by the low priced –EV SSL from Comodo, this builds consumer trust instantly in your company, goods and services your supply and the integrity of your company leadership.
  • Comodo SSL provides website visitors with 2048-bit protection, making them the highest assurance SSL certificates available, with 99.9% browser recognition across the globe.
  • When you buy Extended Validation SSL from Comodo you also receive Priority Phone Support.
  • EV SSL also places the Free Comodo Trust Logo for unlimited server licenses.
  • Comodo EV SSL is protected by a $250,000 relying party warranty.

Question #3 – What Ancillary Benefits are offered by purchasing cheap EV SSL Certificate from Comodo?

There are several critical ancillary benefits to buying EV SSL from Comodo including:

  • Boosted consumer confidence with the Green Address Bar, exclusive to EV SSL
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Ease of deployment by using our Enhancer technology™
  • Extended Validation SSL Protects your customers from phishing attacks

Comodo has been a leading developer of some of the best rated online security programs available. Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium recently received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any  Paid or Free Internet Browser. This type of quality driven online security protocols are built into every product that Comodo provides their consumers – including the Extended Validation SSL Certificate.


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