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May 16, 2013 | By Editor 

There’s an old saying that states that you get what you pay for… yet in spite of this advice, it’s hard to argue against free. So where does reality fall against the rule when it comes to downloading an SSL Certificate to protect your website?

A quality SSL Certificate will protect your computer and network against intrusion from third-party hackers and cyber criminals. It will keep your personal information, such as credit card numbers, address, and birth date private when you complete transactions over the internet. It will give you a way to block all of those annoying pop-up ads from appearing while you surf the internet and will safeguard your device against downloading harmful files when clicking on links. To put it simply, there are many reasons why you should install quality SSL– but doing so can be expensive.

In the world of SSL software, it is unfortunately true that, most often, you get what you pay for – but, there are a few internet security providers that do provide a good value and quality product for free. As you begin your search for quality free SSL Certificate software, some companies provide a bigger bang for your buck than others – a few to consider include:

  • GoDaddy – Most people know GoDaddy for their hosting services or flashy models often seen representing this brand. Not unlike those models, several of GoDaddy’s free software products offer a lot of flash, but not a lot of benefit. It does provide some affordable options, but not necessarily ones that will provide the coverage that you need.
  • Digicert – Digicert offers a decent SSL security product for an acceptable cost. While the upgraded version of this software is undoubtedly better than the free version of the certificate software, they tend to provide above average customer support and features.
  • Comodo – Comodo offers a free SSL Certificates that includes some very competitive features to even paid versions of other vendors’ Certificate software. The software is completely free to anyone who downloads it from Comodo’s website and comes from one of the most trusted SSL vendors in today’s marketplace.

As you consider which software to implement, consider free SSL software from Comodo. The free version of Comodo’s SSL software includes a variety of features, including 2048 bits of protection and Comodo’s Gold Padlock to let you know that your device is safe and secure. You will not receive any pop-up window warnings or prompts when browsing the internet, nor will you be forced into a commitment to upgrade your software or issue payment; the software is 100 percent free.

Comodo provides technology users with a variety of upgradeable features for its SSL software in the case that its users require additional protection. While Comodo does offer its own user-friendly internet browser, Comodo Dragon, Comodo’s certificates are compatible with all internet browsers across any computer device.

Make sure that you do not overspend on your SSL Certificate software – but that you also obtain quality protection from a reputable vendor. While it’s true that you often get what you pay for, Comodo’s free SSL software breaks the mold.


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