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SSL Security For Online Shops Paves Better Conversion Rates

February 18, 2014 | By Editor 

When any visitor enters a website, the first thing that they look forward to will be the service or the variety of products that they offer. But, things change drastically during checkout because most people will tend to see how secure the website is. Before providing confidential credit card details and other vital information, security matters. Such secured transaction over the web is ensured by using SSL encryption solutions for a long time.

In the past, 128 bits encryption was used but later with mounting cyber crimes and phishing attacks, the new 256 bits encryption was introduced. They offer a much secure online environment where customers can shop with confidence and not worry about losing their credit cards virtually to third parties. It is the task of every online shop owner and service provider to help them feel assured. Only then, the security factor will help in better conversion rates and lead to more sales.

SSL Security for Online Shops

Branding a business begins with quality products or services combined with the integrity. While it takes years to build a brand, gaining the trust required to become a solid player begins at basic level. Even new owners can go for SSL solutions because they are quite budget friendly and even the premium level extended validation or EV SSL is now being offered at different prices. It’s all about choosing the right certificate provider to do the job for you.

They will take care of everything right from infrastructure maintenance, security and key management. All you have to do is install the same on your computer, and promote the seal which will usually be provided along with the product. The extended validation has another advantage of the green address bar which promotes instant trust among buyers. It will be issued only after your organization is fully verified and approved by the said certificate authority.

When conversion rates are less, you should look into your product quality but at the same time, not using SSL certs can also have a negative impact. Phishing, spam and malware attacks are too many in recent times. Even though, at this time when there are so much of online theft, customers continue to shop online because of the deals and the convenience that it offers.

No one likes to travel around or spend time waiting in shops for Black Friday deals to open. Instead they can buy all they want and save money online. Making use of this growing trend lies in the merchants choice. Go for a secure sockets layer encryption certificate and witness drastic growth in sales. 


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