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The Five W’s behind secure online shopping

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The theory behind using the five ws is to simplify the concept which makes it easier even for amateurs to easily understand. A majority of internet users are yet to know why using SSL Certificates is considered mandatory for all websites which gather personal information and financial data. The encryption solution will be split into the commonly know 5Ws which will answer all your pestering questions and allow you to know how to shop online in a secured environment while making transactions much safer.

 Who issues it?

As it is already said to be certificate, a legitimate body should be behind it. The certificate authorities are the professionals who issue as well as emphasize on using ssl certificates for which a bunch of legit players are in the industry. Some popular ones include Verisign, Comodo, Digicert, Go daddy among others. The reputed companies will also provide a secure seal giving buyers the assurance that they are indulging in secure online shopping.

 What is ssl certificate?

Abbreviated as secure sockets layer, SSL is a certification which denotes that data transferred through is encrypted which ensures no third party can eavesdrop into private information. This is essential for privacy and to safeguard details. Most online retailers are aware of using ssl certificates and its importance.

 Where do you buy it?

All types of certs can be purchased online to provide customers a safe online shopping experience ensuring their purchase details is not be revealed to a third party under any circumstance.There are three types namely domain validated, organization validated and extended validated. Pricing will vary based on the cert provider. You can choose from over half-a-dozen certificate authorities and buy the one that suits your requirements best.

 When should you renew it?

Renewal period for the server security certificate is always notified in the account panel. Usually, the minimum period is one year but sometimes one can also opt for two, three or five year players with a single certificate authority. Sometimes, it will be more like a contract and you should make sure that there is an option to cut short the contract if required. Most CAs will offer maximum discounts when you buy certs for maximum time period.

 Why you should consider it?

From a buyer perspective, it’s important to take note of websites using SSL certificates because they are the reliable ones and provides privacy control for its buyers. If you are a seller, it’s your duty to gain customer trust and the secure certs will help you achieve it with ease.

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