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Three Great Reasons to Purchase SSL

June 26, 2013 | By Editor 

Sure – there are plenty of great free SSL programs out there, but when it comes to stepping up to the plate and going above and beyond to protect your customers and your online network, making the decision to purchase SSL is a smart one indeed.

Case in point; did you know that last year nearly 75% of all online consumers made a decision to choose services of website owners that were powered by top of the line SSL and companies who all decided to purchase SSL? It’s true. And although Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium recently received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any Free or Paid Internet Security Software (and it’s completely FREE), the truth is that when you purchase SSL programs it provides you with several important attributes that equate to increase in online traffic, help convert website visitors to sales and truly can impact your bottom line.

Reason #1 to Purchase SSL – Gives your Customers Assurance and Trust in Your Brand

One of the first lessons taught in branding and marketing 101 in school is that in order to generate sales, a consumer must trust that the product manufacture or sales outlet can be trusted to deliver quality goods and services resulting in a good economic value. And in today’s digital world, those companies who purchase SSL are ones who earn this trust of their consumers quicker than those who rely on free SSL or no SSL protection at all.

When you purchase SSL you receive these three key attributes:

  • Fast online automated validation is available when you purchase SSL. This means, no paperwork, no faxes, no delay
  • When you purchase SSL, you receive the Industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9% browser recognition – making sure that virtually all of your potential customers will have a secure transaction to your website and feel safe while spending time learning about your company.
  • You also receive complete phone, mail and web support when you purchase SSL from Comodo.

Reason #2 to Purchase SSL – It Expedites the Process

The problem with many free SSL programs is that it tends to take a long time to have the website verified, get the certificate issued, and have the SSL installed on your server. However, when you purchase SSL from Comodo the process is simple for several reasons:

  • When you purchase SSL the transaction is completed 100% through an online application
  • When you purchase SSL validation and issuance is completed during this online application which means you can receive this vital information in a matter of minutes
  • You get your certificate and site seal in no time and can be ready to conduct business online after you make the smart decision to purchase SSL from Comodo

Reason #3 to Purchase SSL – You’ll receive Industry Leading Expert Support

One of the constant hassles of many SSL certificates is that some companies might provide you help for installing the certificate, but after that – you’re on your own. However, Comodo goes above and beyond. When you purchase SSL from Comodo, you’re going to receive first-class technical support for ANY issue or questions you might have during the application, the installation and the entire life-span of your Comodo SSL Certificate.

Comodo goes one step further by offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. This allows you to purchase SSL with confidence because if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your purchase, Comodo will refund your money without any delay or hassles.

When you look at these three reasons to purchase SSL, it becomes clear that in order to accelerate in today’s digital world, you should invest a few dollars to protect your customers security, identity and develop that strong trust between you and your customers for life – simply because you made the smart choice to purchase SSL from Comodo.

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