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Top Three Reasons to Buy SSL Certificate

July 2, 2013 | By Editor 

Although Comodo is a leading provider of free SSL Certificates, making the decision to Buy SSL certificate offers an online e-commerce company with several ancillary perks and a competitive advantage over several of their competitors. And believe it or not many of them buy SSL from Comodo daily.

The truth of the matter is that today’s cyber world is highly competitive. And consumers are smart and savvy shoppers who actively understand the difference between a website that is protected by a free SSL certificate and one where a website owner made the decision to Buy SSL. And with over 75% of the online shoppers choosing to purchase their products from vendors who buy SSL technology, there are many reasons you should consider to Buy SSL.

Three Reasons to buy SSL

Reason #1 – Provide the Online Security Your Customers Expect When you Buy SSL

When any visitor takes time to land on your website for the first time, they expect to see three important things:

  • What is your company name and what do you sell?
  • How is your product different than others?
  • Is your website safe for them to continue to browse to learn more?

This fact is backed up by the statistic that over 80% of online shoppers verify that any website they visit has been authenticated by use of a powerful SSL certificate, such as when you buy SSL from Comodo. When your website is protected by reliable SSL certificate technology, the shoppers have more trust in your product, your brand and their safety being protected. When you Buy SSL Certificate you guarantee the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Each certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048-bit signatures and provides up to 256-bit encryption of data.

Reason #2 – When You Buy SSL You Receive Fast, No Hassle Issuance

As a business owner, you can’t afford to sit around and wait for vendors. When you upgrade or buy SSL certificate from Comodo, you don’t need to wait long until your website becomes approved, verified and authenticated after you buy SSL Certificate from Comodo. You simply buy SSL from Comodo and receive a website seal in just a few minutes – allowing you to proudly show your customers that their online security is highly critical to you because you made the decision to buy SSL for their protection.

Reason #3 – Get Industry Leading Expert Technical Support

When you buy SSL you will receive the best customer service possible; ready to answer any questions or solve any problems you might have during any part of the SSL installation, the application or life-cycle of the SSL certificate. When you buy SSL certificate from Comodo, you also have the assurance of a 30-day refund – no questions asked. If you have any questions or problems, Comodo will refund you instantly without hassle or forms to fill out.

When you buy SSL certificate from Comodo, you can be assured you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Recently Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any Free or Paid Internet Security Software.

This type of protection is enhanced when you Buy SSL certificate from Comodo. And your customers and more importantly, your potential customers will appreciate your investment in their safety and security.

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