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Try 90 Day Full Trial SSL Certificate before you Buy

July 9, 2013 | By Editor 

In today’s world, protecting your e-commerce site with internet security program, such as Trial SSL certificates isn’t an option – it’s a must. Without the proper technology, you are leaving your business and its customers vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. But finding and selecting the right trial SSL can be a nuisance – not to mention frustrating.

Full Trial SSL

Nothing is worse than finally installing the SSL you selected only to find out after a short while that it is not all it was cracked out to be. This can leave you and your clients once again vulnerable, but it also leaves you with the bill for programs you may not be able to use. So why not eliminate the frustration and try the program on before you commit?

Comodo is a trusted leader within the internet security program space. Beyond thousands of satisfied customers, the media has also commended Comodo for its high performing, quality program. Recently, Comodo’s Free Internet Security 6.0 Premium received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any free or paid internet security program. PC Mag’s cyber experts also rated Comodo’s free internet security programs among the elite – even over most companies paid programs.

This kind of quality is what Comodo is known for and it builds this type of quality-driven online security protocol into every one of its products. When it comes to Trial SSL certificates – a perfect way to secure your business’ e-commerce shopping environment – Comodo stands the test.

Learn firsthand about the features and quality of Comodo’s Trial SSL certificate program by taking a free trial. While many manufacturers unfortunately bait and switch customers with lofty promises but minimal delivery when it comes to free trials, Comodo’s trial SSL reputation stands strong – and its reputation and reliability extends to its trial SSL certificate programs.

There are many benefits to Comodo’s trial SSL certificate program, including:

  • During the span of the trial, you will receive Comodo’s trial SSL Certificates at no cost or commitment
  • During the trial ssl, you will have access to the very same Essential SSL certificates as the paid versions
  • Comodo’s trial SSL certificates are recognized by an compatible with 99.9% of browsers worldwide – you are nearly guaranteed that they will work for your site and your clients
  • The Comodo trial SSL is from a Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA)

Setting up Your Free Trial SSL

To get started with your free Trial SSL certificate, there are just three easy steps:

Step #1: Create your CSR (Certificate Signing Request). You will receive the detailed instructions on how to create this during checkout for IIS, Apache and all popular types of Web servers

Step #2: Follow the fully automated authentication and issuance process to sign up for your free trial SSL certificate

Step #3: Install your trial SSL security certificate – the installation process is quite simple and you can secure your e-commerce site in just minutes

Don’t delay securing your website simply because of doubt or frustration – Comodo’s trial SSL certificate is user friendly and full of top-quality features. Try our 90-day Trial SSL to see what our certificates can do for your business.

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