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What is EV SSL?

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Even though, the secure sockets layer system has been in the picture for ages, EV SSL was introduced into the mainstream only in 2007. Brought in by the certificate authority browser forum, EV SSL is considered to be the most valuable certification of them all and is issued only after thorough verifying the credentials of the applicant through a rigorous background check, by the issuing authority. A list of documents have to be produced before one can receive this encryption certification. Companies or business who have reputation for proper service, product quality are the ones that can receive EV SSL certificate. The pricing for an EV SSL certificate is usually higher yet it is worth because you can gain considerable buyer trust.

Why do we need a cheap EV SSL certificate?

For starters, an EV SSL certificate is a necessary tool for any e-commerce website, online store or any type of web page that might collect private user data on a regular basis. This is a step to ensure that any information shared online has not fallen into the hands of those who may end up using it for illegitimate purposes. EV SSL are premium certificates that are used to denote to users that their information is always shared in an encrypted format and will not be tampered by any third party until it reaches the intended server. For better usage scenario and to satisfy a whole lot of different application purposes, the concept of varied types of certificates were introduced. Each one of them are issued based on factors like domain validation, company or organization validation and extended validation or EV SSL.

Take the first step to branding with cheap EV SSL certificate

Creating trust on the proposed brand paves the way for a bright future. You can do so by providing quality products or service. But, at the same time, it is important to allow the customer to know that you are reliable when their personal information is shared online. For the same, cheap EV SSL certificate were first introduced which provided constant encryption solutions on all the pages that you specified. Even though, it is technologically advanced and a reliable method, it is just the first step towards a safer browsing experience. A customer may also want to know that you are the intended person on the other side and the website should represent the same. Cheap EV SSL certificate establishes a level of trust among your customers, clients and partners.

Choose Comodo EV SSL for your business

For organizations which aspire to earn the trust of a huge audience base and those which have financial dealings, going for cheap EV SSL certificate is a better option. The pricing for an EV SSL certificate will vary based on the CA.The industry leaders, Comodo offers cheap EV SSL certificate at affordable price range. With it, you can be transparent in your dealing, provide information using the green address bar and brand your business the right way.


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