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What Is Security Certificate In A Website?

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Consumers should always be aware of what they do, where they shop and what type of information that they share. Such factors are determined by the credibility and reputation of the website that they deal with. In this, security certificate has an important role to play because they are the tool used to encrypt data that is transferred between your computer and the website’s master server. Encrypting the data saves information from being tampered by a third party and also makes it near impossible for any hacker to eavesdrop into the transaction. Such methods were introduced when the concept of online banking and shopping came into being.

Understand the basics

Before you proceed to know more complex details, understand the basics so that you can know how to be secureĀ  online and avoid getting scammed. Look for the SSL security certificate when you are about to shop for a product. This secure sockets layer security certificate will encrypt your data and when a website is certified by the respective certificate authority, it will notified with a secure seal, https url or even a green address bar if they have opted for extended validation certificate, the most premium of them all.

Roles played by the Security Certificate

While encrypting data is the most important task done with this technology, the web page security certificate will also verify few other things including the identity of the server which will allow you to deal only with legitimate websites. This step is carried out by the concept named handshake. It works based on the private key and public key issued by the certificate authorities. When a seller buys a security certificate, he will be provided with a private key and the public key will stay with the major browser companies. During a transaction, the browsers will check if the private key matches with their database before authorizing it. From a consumer perspective, you can find the certificate authority which used the cert with the help of website security seal or by clicking the green address bar area.

Fighting Threats

Every individual should do their part to fight website security threats and pave way for a safer online experience. You can do so by being aware of scams, phishing sites and staying away from e-mails which claim to provide you huge discounts on products or money. The SSL security certificate is your key to identifying the legitimacy of any website, be it banking, social media or online retail shop.

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