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Why SSL Certificate Continues To Be The Best Security Tool?

November 6, 2013 | By Editor 

Even though, the world of security is at risk and companies are looking forward to better implementations to bring breaches under control, SSL Certificate continues to be the most preferred security medium for websites. When it comes to online merchant services such as banking transactions and shopping, encrypting data is important.

“This secures the information being read by third-party intruders and makes sure private data stays safe at all times.”

Malware, trojans, virus and bugs work differently whereas online transactions where credit card details are used is something entirely different. By using this information, one can not only compromise the bank account and make illegal purchases but there is also the possibility of knowing everything personal about an individual based on the information gathered. To stop them from doing so, websites use EV SSL, SSL and Wildcard SSL Certificates. Each one of them are designed for specific purposes and help merchants meet their requirements.

SSL Security

Among them, wildcard SSL Certificates are used to secure multiple domains at the same time. It is a cost efficient method that will save money spent on buying different certificates for each domain. The online merchant can choose to buy only one which can be used on multiple domains and sub domains without additional cost.

“The advent of this certificate is focused towards solving the need of online stores which has plenty of categories and multiple areas to cover.”

When there are so many products, one needs to make sure every page is secure. If it is not, customers may or may not choose to shop on pages where the secured lock or site seal is not visible. To avoid such issues, drop outs and to increase conversion rates, it is must to use these certificates on every page of a website. Such is the importance of wildcard certs which are being used around the globe.

For service based websites and sites that provide only one type of service, using EV SSL certificates is considered to be the most secure. It is not only a premium quality product but also has gained positive reputation among consumers. The extended validation or EV cert is issued only after complete analysis of the source company. Only after the existence of the organization is confirmed, they are issued. And, the advantage that owners gain by using this is that websites will display the green address bar which notifies every visitor that they are in a secure zone.


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