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Why Using SSL Encrypted WiFi Is A Best Choice

February 10, 2014 | By Editor 

Wireless internet access is no longer the future, but the present because almost every device including computers, smartphones, tablets and even televisions as well as blu-ray players are using them.

The capability of using internet connection without relying on wires and ethernet cables is increasing every day. But, if one asks whether they are fully secure and safe to send information, users will hardly have an answer. While computers use SSL encrypted communication for all confidential information and sending username or passwords, the same cannot be said for mobiles as well as new gadgets that have started using wireless internet.

SSL Encryption WiFi

Besides, laptops and phones are often being connected to open Wi-Fi connections in public, which is a very risky habit. One should always use Apps that will encrypt information while sending over public connections to be on the safer side and not losing important information to third party criminals.

A new survey revealed that most travelers in the United States hardly care whether the Wi-Fi provided is encrypted or not. Such careless approach tends to lead to unexpected loss of data and personal identity theft in some cases. There are specific Apps designed for both Android and iOS platforms that help people keep security intact on smart phones. Similarly, default encryption and VPN services are a great choice when using laptops in open Wi-Fi networks.

Also, when browsing make sure the website uses SSL technology, which is mandatory these days. It not only keeps your data safe from being tampered along the path or being read, but also stops any other organization from snooping into private information. In order to promote better Ads, companies are trying to push into consumer privacy and make sure their products reach the right audience. By using encryption, you can defend against such marketing tactics as well.

The same applies for Wi-Fi connections because they are available in most public spots by now and are being used by hundreds of people at once. This puts your private data in risk if you don’t use SSL based encryption or similar encryption technologies. Also, don’t use too much social media and other services while on the move.

They can always wait or else using network operator based private 3G connections can be a feasible choice. With so much entertainment available on the go, people tend to use them and you will too. But, always take necessary precautions when using Wi-Fi internet and stay private.

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