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Was Clinton Foundation Hacked?

October 5, 2016 | By Comodo SSL

There were reports recently that the Clinton Foundation has been targeted and hit by hackers. The reports anyhow are yet to be confirmed.

Reuters had come out with a report which suggested that as per sources there were indications that the Clinton Foundation could have been hacked. The report began as- “Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundation hired the security firm FireEye to examine its data systems after seeing indications they might have been hacked, according to two sources familiar with the matter.”

Clinton Hacked

That hackers all the world over continue to target and attack high-profile websites, despite the usage of security tools including SSL Certificate, antivirus etc, is to be noted. It’s not just websites secured with SSL certificates that are hacked; it’s email systems, PoS networks etc that are targeted and attacked by cyber-criminals, in all possible ways.

Anyhow, as regards the reported Clinton Foundation hack, Reuters had also added that “no message or document hacked from the New York-based Clinton Foundation has surfaced in public, the sources said.”

The report also says that the hackers perhaps used the “spear phishing” technique to make the hacking attempt possible- “One of the sources and two U.S. security officials said that like hackers who targeted the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democrats’ congressional fundraising committee, the hackers appear to have used “spear phishing” techniques to gain access to the foundation’s network.” Spear Phishing is a variation of the usual phishing attacks and is all about hackers sending phishing mails to a company, organization or groups of people within organizations with intent to obtain classified information or trade secrets. These emails would seem to come from trusted sources. So, the reported attempt here could be to gain access to the emails of the staffers of the Clinton Foundation or to the Foundation’s email itself.

As per the Reuters report, there were indications that the people behind the hacking attempt could be Russians. The report says- “Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the U.S. officials said the hackers used the same techniques Russian intelligence agencies or their proxies employed against the Democratic Party groups, which suggests that Russians also attacked the foundation.” The report further says that “Kremlin officials dismissed as absurd the allegations of Moscow’s involvement”.

The initial reports, including the Reuters report, said that no comments were obtained from the side of the Clinton Foundation. Anyhow later there came reports about Clinton Foundation authorities stating that there were no evidences of such a breach.

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