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Dynamics of Cyber Security in the New, Hyperconnected World

February 14, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

This is the age of digital revolution. Individuals, organizations as well as nations are embracing digitalization and seek to make use of the opportunities that it provides. Today, modern technologies like the cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), mobile applications etc are being used to cut across boundaries and benefit businesses. Businesses now vie with one another to make the most of these technologies, which help them in cutting costs as well. At the same time, cybercriminals too have gone in for a tactical shift and now their presence is sort of all-pervading. They can simply attack anyone anytime; thus everyone who uses the internet in one way or the other could expect to get attacked or hacked by cyber attackers.

Dynamics of Cyber Security in the New, Hyperconnected World

Cybercrime is now attaining a new dimension. Nation-states too seem to be joining hands with cyber criminals. The result could be an increased targeting of financial, political or military systems of nations or large corporations. The threat landscape, for every organization/nation, is evolving. In the face of the new, evolving cyber security threats and risks, it’s extremely important to ensure proper cyber security for all. Cyber security-related awareness too has to be created in the right way. It’s to be understood that with advanced attack methodologies, hackers are now able to easily bypass antivirus programs and detection systems. There are also speculations that cyber criminals could go for rampant SSL abuse as well. The easy availability of free SSL certificates plus sophisticated hacking technology could be seen as primary reasons for this. Hackers can, using malicious SEO practices, drive spear phishing campaigns as well, which would help them easily bypass SSL certificates.

A major threat that’s looming large as regards cyber security is done jacking. Security experts are of the opinion that done jacking could emerge to be the next big cyber threat. With drones likely to be used extensively delivering things, law-enforcement etc, hackers too could start targeting these drones, aiming to take them over. Like drones, driverless or automated cars too could get more popular and hackers could target them as well.

With cloud services being utilized increasingly by organizations and companies and with IoT (Internet of Devices), endpoint devices etc getting more and more popular, securing the cloud and securing all connected devices becomes critically important. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), ransomware attacks etc are also getting rampant.

Thus, in the days to come, organizations, nations, and individuals have to pool in all global threat intelligence tools and should think of going beyond traditional security methods. Of course, basics like having virus protection software, SSL certificates etc have their own importance. At the same time, cybersecurity, on the whole, has to evolve into a more sophisticated thing, capable of meeting the security challenges of the new, hyperconnected age.

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