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An Effective Guide To Wildcard SSL you must know about

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SSL certificates are a boon those companies and the online businesses that aim at providing safe and private connection to its’ servers and pages. With the advancement in the world of technology and so in the cyber crimes, it becomes of utmost importance that the e-commerce businesses and the companies have a strong security infrastructure.

SSL, Secure Sockets Layer certification is one of the methods of establishing an encryption link that ensures that the data transmitted through the company’s server and the end user’s browser is protected from any kind of risk or threat. The encryption of the data makes it undecipherable for a lay man and is protected by a private key. This key is needed for decryption of the data.

One of the major changes that you would witness is that the ‘http’ gets converted to ‘https’ and a symbol of a padlock on the address bar are visible. This symbol notifies the shopper or the customer that the website they are surfing or where they are sharing the information is completely secured. This results in having a trustworthy relation between the company and the consumers.

SSL certificates not only provide the security, but also help in improving the Google ranking. The benefit of having a good search ranking is that the consumers will have a better visibility of the site. Also, a boost in lead conversions and in ROI is witnessed. Google has also announced that having a SSL certificate is mandatory for the websites that deal with online payments and require the consumers to enter their hypersensitive information such as credit card details, name, or contact details. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that it escalates the loyalty of consumers and reap good profits.

SSL certification has different forms and the companies can choose from an array of these certifications; based on their desideratum and budget. Some of these certifications come with a price tag and some of the companies offer it free of cost. Companies can choose from EV SSL, Wildcard, or simple SSL certificates.
Before you decide to get a Wildcard SSL certificate for your business and double the count of customers and profit, here is a checklist that you should check:

  • Dedicated or Shared SSL
    You need to understand if the SSL certificate is a Dedicated or a Shared one. Dedicated SSL certificate is the one fully owned by a single owner and the Shared certificates are the free ones, which can be used by multiple users.
    Shared SSL certificates have a little security issue and are not recommended for the e-commerce sites.
  • Encryption Level
    Many SSL certificates have different encryption levels. Thus, it is important to understand this before you choose on the type of your certificate. For example if your website has an online payment option, then you would need a SSL certificate with minimum of 128-Bit encryption level.
  • Brand
    Like I mentioned many companies are offering SSL certification and it might be confusing when you need to choose one vendor. Thus, it is suggested that you should look out for a brand name as this will have a better impact on the end user. After all, trust symbol is what shoppers are looking at before buying any particular thing.
  • Dedicated I.P: Yes or No?
    The SSL certificate you are going to purchase is going to be linked with the I.P address. It is not a mandate requirement of having a dedicated I.P address, but then it is recommended to understand your requirement and have a dedicated I.P address. This makes the certification easier and avoids any kind of name mis-match errors.

One particular type of SSL certificate that has a lot of hype around it is Wildcard SSL certificate. They are useful for those companies or the businesses that are looking to secure multiple pages, servers, domains, and sub-domains with one single certificate.
These certificates are gaining more popularity amongst companies and businesses due to their low costing and time saving feature. Apart from this basic feature here are three distinctive features that set them apart from regular SSL certificates:

1. Multiple Domain’s Security
Like I mentioned this certificate comes handy when you have multiple domains and sub-domains to be secured. Generally if you opt for SSL certificate then you need an individual certificate for each domain or sub-domain. This makes the process of adding security more hassled and time consuming. Thus, one wildcard certificate does it all for you and your business.

2. Cost Cutting
Wildcard SSL certificates are more costly as compared to normal SSL certificates. Then how are they cost effective? Well, they are cost efficient when it comes to providing security to multiple domains, sub-domains, pages, or servers; as you would need to buy only one certificate instead of individual certificate for lone domain name.

3. Easy Management
To manage many certificates at once can be a daunting task whereas managing a single certificate is way easy and quick. And if in case these certificates need to be renewed, then the user would need to renew each certificate; making it a tedious and confusing task for the developers. Here because one certificate does all, you need to worry about renewal or managing it.

There is a negative side too of this Wildcard SSL certificate. The drawbacks are that if one server gets attacked by a hacker or a malware, other servers or pages become vulnerable too. And secondly these certificates might have compatibility issue with devices having Windows as Operating System or some of the mobile devices. But, this does not hamper the image of this certificate and there are ways that the business owners or companies can still use it.

Because of the popularity and increasing liking of this certificate, many brand names are selling them online. Here is a list of some of the vendors that deal in the providing this certificate:

  • Comodo
  • Thawte
  • GeoTrust
  • RapidSSL
  • Symantec

The main reason that why I have mentioned these vendors is that the companies or the businesses should buy this certificate only from certified vendors. They should look at the address bar and look for ‘https’ or padlock icon, to ensure that their vendor has himself secured his domains and websites. After all how can a vendor offer security when his own website isn’t secured? Would you trust any such vendor? I am sure the answer would be NO!!

The fondness of the online shopping is increasing day by day and so is the level of hackers and online scams. Thus, it is becoming imperative for the companies and the businesses to secure themselves along with the sensitive information of their valued customers.


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