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Essential Steps to Secure and Drive Your E-Commerce Website

June 20, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

The primary motive of an E-Commerce Website is business – convince website visitors to become customers, and ensure a pleasant and secure experience for repeat customers. It has become very competitive to retain customers. There are thousands of websites catering to every type of E-Commerce business. And unless the customer experiences something safe, secure and compelling, they would rather quickly jump over to another E-Commerce Website.

Essential Steps to Secure and Drive Your E-Commerce Website

1. SSL Certificate for Website Security

Securing your website with an SSL certificate should be given primary importance. Over the years, shoppers have increasingly opted for online purchases, considering the ease of purchase from the comfort of their homes. Some e-Commerce merchants have built and maintained their reputation over time. Sometimes, it makes better sense to purchase online. However, your eCommerce website must visibly exhibit that they are secure. An SSL certificate provides a green address bar with a lock symbol. The color of the address bar may vary, but “https” would be displayed before the website address on the address bar. Website visitors are looking for this symbol of trust. Further, some types of SSL certificates also display “Trust” symbol that provides, even more, confidence to users.

And if you have to accept card payments, then according to the requirements of PCI DSS your website must have SSL certificate. There are quite a number of Certificate Authorities – SSL Certificate Providers – offering different varieties of SSL certificates. If you want to try out an SSL certificate then you could opt for Free SSL or No cost SSL. This would give you an idea about SSL certificates and help you decide on the best suitable SSL for your business.

2. Network Security

It is very important to ensure security for your network. Tools such as network vulnerability scanners help check for possible vulnerabilities. The network connects all endpoints that are part of the enterprise, and malware and malicious entities may try to infiltrate into the network. Data may get stolen, and you may be held liable for the security of customer data. This may lead to legal and financial implications.

3. Reputed E-Commerce Platforms

Choose an e-commerce platform that commands trust among customers. Longstanding platforms have more than adequate website security measures that protect your business.

4. Endpoint Security and DDOS Attacks

Invest in a trusted, reputed and effective antivirus solution or advanced endpoint security solution to protect all devices (computers, servers, etc..,) connected to your enterprise network. Cyber criminals target e-commerce companies as they may be able to steal credit card data and other sensitive personal information of the customers. And for any theft of data, you may have to face legal suits and loss of reputation.

Cyber criminals may also target your E-Commerce website with DDOS attacks. This leads to loss of business and reputation. Ensure adequate measures to keep your website protected, including No cost SSL from a trusted SSL certificate provider.

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