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SSL Certificate Validity takes affect on the Users

May 12, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

CAB Forum is an entity that has been formed to set protocols regarding the issuance of SSL Certificates by the Certificate Authorities. The CB Forum includes Certificate Authorities who are responsible for certificate issuance and the web browsers where the SSL certificates are implemented to encrypt the website information.

CAB Forum Ballot 193 was initiated by Entrust to set a new limit in correspondence to SSL Certificate validity and expiry. The expiry limit has been set to 825 days which would be implemented from March 1st 2018.

The current maximum validity of SSL Certificate is 3 years and the Certificates are bound to issue the certificates with 3 years validity until the new ballot proposed, takes its existence.

As of April 29th, 2017, the validation information should have completed 825 days of SSL Certificate issuance just to avoid the inconvenience that the new proposal might interfere with the existing holders with 3-year certificate and for those CAs who had to reissue the certificates this year.

There is a high probability of issues with long term valid certificates as there are a few chances of updating the changes and it allows individual users a minimal time in re-installing the SSL Certificates again thereby creating commotion in the virtual ecosystem.

When Google declared its ballot limiting the certificate validity to 13 months it was not accepted by the browsers and the certificate authorities. The proposed ballot from Google was not passed hence CAB Forum Ballot 193 took its form soon after.

Google the browser maker – came up with a shorter certificate validity life span as it could foresee security problems and it has the leverage to set demands to trust on the certificates in Chrome and the certificate authorities are bound to comply as per the Google standards. The SSL certificates are to be in good condition to be operated in all major browsers.

Google is sure to embark the shorter span of certificate validity and the users are to be prepared to renew the certificate validity on an annual basis.

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