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SSL Certificate, Web Encryption Makes the Internet Safer Than Ever Before

February 13, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

That the web is getting safer is something that computer security experts, IT professionals and entrepreneurs would agree upon.

We do hear of malware attacks every now and then. Ransomware has become quite a menace for many entrepreneurs around the world. Data breaches happen all around and millions of people are affected. Still, if we take a look at the larger picture, we’d be reassured that the internet indeed is becoming a safer place.

SSL Certificate, Web Encryption Makes the Internet Safer Than Ever Before

As per reports, the average volume of encrypted internet traffic has now surpassed the average volume of unencrypted traffic. Thus HTTPS becomes sort of all pervading on the net, you now get to see the green lock next to a website address more often now than every before. Thus we get to experience the web that’s now more protected, with SSL certificate-based encryption.

Well, certain things need to be clarified as regards SSL certificates and web encryption. A website having HTTPS doesn’t mean that it would hide the fact that you are visiting that particular website. It means that it won’t be easy to see what you’re reading or posting and that your communication and transactions over the net would be secure. No one would be able to replace the content on the SSL Certificate-secured website with their own content and hackers can’t easily get you to download malware through such a website.

Not New, Not Perfect, But Definitely Much More Secure

SSL certificate-based encryption is not totally new; it has been here for quite some time. But today it has become a priority for website owners, of course for very obvious reasons.

HTTPS is not perfect; it has its share of limitations. There have been SSL-related vulnerabilities, like Heartbleed, which have caused big security issues. There have been instances of scammers acquiring certificates to make their fraudulent certificates seem legitimate. There’s the possibility of hackers gaining control of Certificate Authorities and causing mischief. But, despite all this, it’s to be understood that having SSL certificate installed and thus going in for website encryption is vital for a website’s security. Despite imperfections and limitations, SSL certificate makes a website more secure.

No wonder all big sites now have switched to HTTPS. The Google search engine too favors websites that use HTTPS over those that are unencrypted. SSL certificate has become an absolute necessity at a time when we carry out lots of important communications and financial transactions over the internet.

At present half the web is encrypted. Yes, it’s 50% at present, it’s for the other unencrypted 50 percent now to take to encryption. Experts and analysts are pretty sure that websites would now move to HTTPS much faster than before.


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