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SSL Certificates for Shared Hosting

March 28, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

Websites can be hosted on Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) or on Shared Hosting. All websites on a Shared Hosting server share the same IP address, while those on VPS hosting possess a unique IP address. SSL certificates can be installed for websites hosted on both VPS hosting and Shared Hosting. There has been continuing confusion in the industry whether SSL certificates can be installed for websites on Shared Hosting. Have no doubt about it. SSL certificates can definitely be installed for shared hosting websites.
SSL Certificates for Shared Hosting
There are advantages as well as disadvantages in installing SSL certificates for websites on Shared Hosting servers.

The IP Address

Any website hosted on VPS will have a unique IP address, which is definitely advantageous for installation of SSL certificates. Securing a website with a unique IP address is easier and provides better security benefits when compared to Shared hosting. If a hosting account on shared hosting needs to be accessed by an IP address, then a dedicated IP address must be added to the shared hosting account. Many countries or organizations censure/block websites due to many conditions. When these websites are blocked based on their IP address and not on their domain names, all the websites sharing the same IP address on the Shared hosting web server will get blocked. This is a significant disadvantage of shared web hosting.

Port Security

When you run your website on a VPS hosting then it will have access to all the ports that it needs for its various services. Blocking of specific ports can be decided and implemented for your website based on your requirement and specific web security needs.

In a Shared Hosting, however, IT security administrators block many ports or rather allow only specific ports that will enable them to effectively monitor the ports for all inbound and outbound activities, and block malicious activity.

Script Processing

On shared hosting scripts are allowed to run only for a specific time period; however, on VPS hosting the same script can run to completion taking whatever time may be required. Scripts run more effectively on VPS hosting.

Unique Identity

For your website, a unique identity on the world wide web does wonders for identity and business. It commands more respect and value. Website visitors will be better impressed and it will result in better sales conversions.

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