3 Reasons Why Your Online Gaming Portal May Be Underperforming

August 2, 2017 | By Kimberly Reynolds

You just accomplished your dream. Your gaming portal which you were developing for months went online recently. It looks brilliant. Includes the latest technology in the world of gaming. Even offers gamers the opportunity of making some easy money online. And yet, something is not right. Your gaming portal is not performing as expected. Users are staying away from it for some reason and you are confused as to what it is. Okay. Here is an important question for you: Does your website offer enough online security?

3 Reasons Why Your Online Gaming Portal May Be Underperforming

This blog offers 3 reasons as to why your gaming portal may not be performing as expected.

Reason 1: Visitors May Not be Trusting Your Website Enough To Use It.

Gaming websites for long have been the target of hackers. Chiefly because gaming appeals to all ages and therefore the scope for spreading the malware is more. So if your gaming portal does not have (and displays) enough website security, chances are visitors might keep away from it fearing security compromise of different kinds.

Reason 2: Visitors May Not be Willing to Share Personal Information.

For your visitors to turn into customers, they should provide some personal information. And making visitors part with personal information is not that easy these days, because of the rampant cyber crime. Even sharing of a simple email-id by visitors could very well subject them to a barrage of phishing attacks.

Reason 3: Visitors May be Hesitant in Transacting with Your Gaming Portal.

Let’s say you are offering premium features (of your games) which your customers can purchase. This means you should be accepting payments from your customers. ‘Customer security‘ as they purchase these premium features should be the topmost priority for you. You should ensure the customer payment card related remains hack-proof all the time. More importantly, you should be able to convey this information to your visitors to gain their confidence.

SSL Technology: The Answer to Above Reasons

SSL Technology implemented via SSL Certificates for websites offers solid protection against various malware attacks by safeguarding your website against identity theft and data leakage – the two most favored modes of attack implemented by malicious hackers for exploiting online enterprises (websites) as well as the users or visitors to that website.

So implementing SSL security will protect your business as well as your visitors by securing your gaming portal. And when your visitors realize for certain that your gaming portal – by looking at the visual cues offered by various browsers for websites deploying SSL security – is secure, they will not hesitate to play and will over time turn into customers.

To summarize, SSL security will:

  • Increase visitor trust by display visual cues (like padlock icon) on your gaming portal
  • Allow customers to share personal information freely by preventing identity theft
  • Allow customers to make online transactions with confidence by preventing data leakage

If your gaming portal was suffering from website security related issues, powering it up with SSL Technology should do the job. Use SSL security and give wings to your business by increasing the online safety of your customers.
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