It is a Prevention Action Against Symantec Root Certificate says Google

December 18, 2015 | By Editor 

SSL stands an important role in website protection, with hackers choking the internet with threats, websites can anytime be in the hands of hackers. While Symantec known to take a huge space in the internet security market, Google has marked off its trust on Symantec root Certificate for both Android and Chrome. Google mentions that the security standards are not met by the Certificate Authority. The statement was called when Google was issued with Symantec’s Extended Validation SSL Certificate. The ideal way of issuing the extended validation certificate to validate the company’s identity, however the Symantec was out of their track and did not conduct an extensive verification process.

The security practice requirement mirrors the best practice in the industry and takes the source from trusted certificates. If there exists any failure in compliance, the Google product users are considered to be at risk. As per the stipulation from the best knowledge of Symantec experts, they are not sure if the customers who attempt to enter a website protected with Symantec certificates would be affected or not.

According to the analysis from Google, it is not very sure if the root certificate will be exploited to secure communications of the Google’s products and users. This is not new though, Google has already voiced on the issue and the challenges publicly on the issuing process of Symantec’s SSL certificates. Joining Google – the giant browser makers Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, and Opera have called upon the same issue.

Symantec’s immediate response was that the root certificates was an outdated one and is no longer recommended and hence reformed to customers’ applications that are meant for trial versions. The final call by Google is the prevention action against Symantec root certificate.

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