Analyzing ‘Firefox Install Stuck in Windows 10’ Issues

September 6, 2016 | By Comodo SSL

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers today and provides data after simple searches, in a very fast and efficient manner. Today, when people are very particular about security measures, including having antivirus programs, SSL certificates etc, going for the best browser too is considered important.

Firefox is special because of the big number of add-ons; this makes browsing much easier. Data indexing too is easy with developers making consistent attempts to streamline Firefox. Thus the browser performs common tasks in a very short time and hence it’s immensely popular among internet users all the world over.

Like any other browser, Mozilla Firefox too would sometimes cause installations issues. But users who use Firefox know that there are no reasons to be worried about. If there are ‘Firefox install stuck in Windows 10’ issues, there are solutions to these issues as well. Let’s take a look at the issues that sometimes would bug Firefox users and also at the solutions.

1. Firefox Installation is stuck…

You are installing Firefox and you get the message-”Failed to read the configuration file. Please contact your system administrator.” This is in fact a common problem and can be fixed easily. The reason for this issue could be traced to a missing mozilla.cfg file.

The solution- Uninstall the browser, then re-install it.

To be remembered-Once Firefox is manually uninstalled from the Control Panel; manually delete all those files/folders that don’t get deleted by uninstalling. You could locate these folders in Local Disk C: / Program Files / Mozilla Firefox or Local Disk C: / Program Files (x86) / Mozilla Firefox location. Re-installation would work clean after this.

2. Installation stops at extraction

This issue happens when there is a change of permission in the Temp folder for some software and the software operation may be disrupted due to this setting change.

The solution- Go to ‘Run’, then type %AppData%, click OK and open Local Folder. Right click on Temp folder, select Security tab from the top menu/Edit, click on ‘Add’ and  then type ‘Users’ in the white box and then click ‘OK’. You also need to make sure that the permissions Users are Read and execute, List folder contents and Read. Click OK and then this ‘Firefox install stuck in Windows 10’ would be resolved. You can now install Firefox properly.


3. Firefox update gets stuck

Though Firefox is set to automatically install updates, sometimes these updates get stuck and don’t happen.

The Solution- Update browser manually. For this, open Menu from the upper left corner and then click on the ‘Help’ button. You will get a list with different categories, click on ‘About Firefox’ button. A tab will open which will have info about License, End-User Rights or Privacy Policy etc. There click on ‘Check for Updates’ button. Find a newer version of Firefox and click on ‘Update to New Version’ button. When the update is downloaded, restart Firefox to run the update.

To be remembered- 

  • It’s always better to close other programs when installing Firefox updates. Normally other programs don’t block the update process, but sometimes Firefox clashes with other programs and that affects the update. So it’s always better to close other programs during an update.
  • Running Firefox on Administrator mode helps prevent damages if the system is accessed by multiple users.

Other than the ‘Firefox install stuck in Windows 10’ issues, there could also be other Firefox-related issues like ‘Server not Found’, ‘SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER’ (which has to do with the SSL certificate of a website), which can be solved very easily. You could also call up someone and seek help in resolving Firefox issues.

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