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Working with SSL Certificate is not such a complex task! Most users might have heard about encryption solutions and have seen websites that display green address bar or lock. But, very vew from the crowd are actually aware of how this works and know the fact that it is ssl certificate, an encryption tool used by website owners to secure transactions. There are different types of certs available in the market and buying the one that you need requires basic knowledge on every related to the topic.

The secure sockets layer cert is the full form of SSL Certificate which will be installed in the server so as to secure websites. The cert is used to secure user transactions, banking informations and personal identity that they may share online from notorious hackers. When you buy ssl certificate from a reputed vendor, the product will automatically be provided with all the technical assistance you need to get it working. You don’t have to seek help elsewhere to get the job done.

Types of certs

The most common types of ssl certificate versions available are single cert, wildcard ssl, multi-domain, domain validated, ev or extended validation cert among few others. The purpose of using ssl certificate allows websites to completely encrypt the data when it is transferred between the user and the server.

This avoids hackers and any other unidentified third parties from eavesdropping into the information that is being shared. While the basic certificate is simply used to secure a website and encrypt information, wildcard is useful when you need to secure multiple multi-domain extensions at the same time. The multi-domain is similar to the former variant of ssl certificate but can secure only one specific extension. The extended validation process is very long but reputed companies opt for such ssl certificate so as to show their credibility.

Technical support

The vendors who supply SSL Certificate will provide all the technical support that you need. Right from buying and downloading the cert, they will help you install it successfully on your server. The instructions may vary between linux, apache or cpanel servers. You can talk to the technical expert to know more about SSL Certificate and the installation procedure to get the job done professionally. Besides, the vendor who provides it is responsible for your security. Among them all, Comodo is the only company that offers paid as well as free ssl certificate solutions so as to meet every consumer requirement. Rely on Comodo, a vendor who is capable of providing EV ssl as well as single domain ssl certificate to ideally solve your need.

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