Building SSL Error Checker For Verified Connections

October 7, 2013 | By Editor 

SSL Error Checker

While certificate authorities provide the option to check SSL Certificate and their validity with their in-built checking tools, there is no universal ssl error check which is now a mandatory need. Users in the forums discussed an idea about establishing such a tool which will be triggered as soon as an SSL connection failed. Usually, openssl error message is what website owners get which is not so useful when it comes to identifying the problem and fixing it. Instead, users suggest that writing a tool which is capable of checking typical errors and most recognized issues on its own.

After identifying the same, the software program or add-on should be able to send in detailed reports which specifies the actual reason for the failure and allows webmasters to fix it in the right place for proper SSL encryption solutions. Only when such a tool comes in to vogue, website owners will be able to make informed decisions and make sure their site is always in working condition.

The certificate authority CA browser forum is the place where innovative ideas related to SSL Certificate is formed and established. The idea to create a new tool is under process and if it officially gets released, it will be an useful addition for website owners to keep track of the encryption solution that they use. Wide acceptance of the tool by various certificate authorities is still under consideration and will go live once they say yes to the concept. The discussion is further boosted under user forum where implementing such a tool is supported by webmasters around the globe. New compliance and security products play a vital role in curbing attacks that are related to security issues. The SSL element is fast growing and is moving onto a new phase so as to safeguard personal information in a better manner.

For webmasters, being able to know more about the SSL Certificate that they use is definitely an addition one can expect to boost growth. When websites are more secure and certificates are working properly, it creates a secure web space where internet is much safer for common people to rely on. Recent security threat revealed that Adobe, a company famous for their graphic programs lost millions of user data to hackers but they were all encrypted which gave them the much required headroom to warn consumers to change their details as soon as possible. Methods to stop such attacks from happening in the first place is being developer as well.


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