Comodo Crowned As Fastest Growing SSL Certificate Authority

August 22, 2013 | By Editor 

Ever since its launch, Comodo continues to be ahead of the competition by providing quality products and focusing on customer satisfaction. The most recent survey conducted by W3techs websites revealed that Comodo is the fastest growing SSL Certificate authority and its customer base is growing rapidly to reach big corporates as well as reputed vendors in different niches. The company has successfully witnessed 0.9 per cent jump in its market share since the month of July this year. Nearly 30% market share is recorded in the survery.

Vendors around the globe use Comodo SSL certificates which is efficient, offers excellent customer service and a quality product that provides great value for money. The solutions offered are varied right from instantly issued SSL Certificate to extended validation, domain validation certs among other choices.

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Why certification is mandatory?

For corporates, online merchants and websites which deal with large customer base on a day to day basis, it is all about winning their trust in the first place. Companies need to assure their clients that they are completely legitimate and using their service will be a professional choice to make. Customers who visit online stores need the assurance that they are dealing with a seller who has good reputation and is reliable.

Even though, most sellers deal with quality products and provide great discounts, a buyer will only choose them when they know that their transaction is safe and financial information will no way be compromised. SSL Certificate provides this assurance is the most legitimate way possible. As they are issued by a reputed company like Comodo, buyers and clients will instantly understand the company’s efficiency besides being motivated to do business with the supplier.

Why Comodo?

As the survey revealed, the best service and best products offered by Comodo is witnessed with the growth in market share. More and more online merchants are willing to associate themselves with the brand besides opting for SSL Certificate supplied by the certificate vendor. Comodo is also an active partner and founder of the CA browser forum, a community dedicated to help certificate authorities to convene new methods for better protection and encryption. Comodo client base is high profile with names like Comcast, Time Warner, Morgan Stanley among many others in the list. Everything right from antivirus, internet security suite to mobile security and endpoint management tools are developed by the experts who are part of the trust assurance brand.

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