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September 15, 2015 | By Comodo SSL

In February 2015, the Comodo Group surpassed its closest competitor Symantec Corporation to become the world’s #1 SSL provider. The ranking authority, an independent IT market research firm called, revealed that Comodo claimed 33.6% of the stake in the SSL industry.

Comodo SSL certificate was already favorite among a huge demography of website owners who have used and come to trust the strong encryption that the brand provides. The ranking by only went on to substantiate the growing popularity – and demand – of Comodo’s SSL certificates. So what makes Comodo SSL certificates a cut above a rest? We will try to explain below:

Widespread Recognition

Since the inception of the brand in 1998 by Bradford University graduate Melih Abdulhayoğlu, Comodo has grown exponentially to become a household name for computer security applications all over the world. Presently, over 50 million people (with more than 85 million installations) across the globe use Comodo brand of products such as antivirus, firewalls, internet browser, SSL certificates, and so on.

This has translated well for Comodo SSL because when a website is protected by our SSL certificates, Comodo’s widely recognized logo appears visibly on top of the website page – triggering the website audience to automatically trust the domain for carrying out online transactions. Comodo SSL certificate is also recognized by 99.9% of all internet browsers; so installation and compatibility is never a problem regardless of which browser is being used.

Freedom of Choice

At Comodo, we believe in consumerism and the free will of the open market economy. Comodo Group is driven by the constant need to innovate and experiment, which has led us to do things that are sometimes seen counterproductive. In reality, breaking the mould from a well-trodden path often lead to something more significant. Take for example our free SSL certificate, that consumers can download at no cost and use for 90 days. No other brand in the Certificate Authority circle has taken such a charitable measure previously, and we have only made it easier for SSL buyers to decide wisely. To top it off, Comodo’s free SSL comes with a no-risk, no-commitment guarantee. And the benefits you can unravel from this trial product are aplenty, such as:

  • Testing your new site’s SSL Security Certificate before making it live
  • Hassle-free website protection for the next 3 months
  • Using Comodo’s free SSL to avoid security lapse if your current cert is expiring soon

Technical and Market Competency

Comodo SSL certificate stays ahead of the game by incorporating the necessary updates to its security parameters. Comodo works closely with the CA Security Council to make sure all industry standards are met in issuing SSL certificates to legitimate websites. Our issuing department thoroughly investigates a website’s genuineness before granting them the certificate – without compromising the on-time issuance. Additionally, Comodo SSL protects website with 2048-bit signatures, or 256-bit encryption, which is the highest possible encryption possible.

Comodo offers all these great benefits in its SSL certificates (paid) at a price that is reasonable than most other competitor brands, and that’s just another factor which has earned us trust and popularity among our large customer base.
Comodo has maintained its winning streak of being an infallible CA by providing quality products like the Internet Security suite, Endpoint Security to enterprise client, Comodo Certificate Manager, etc. For more information on Comodo line of products, visit our website.

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