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May 25, 2013 | By Editor 

One thing that stands true for most business owners is the power of streamlining activity to stay organized and efficient in today’s fast-paced world. You likely are constantly trying out new ways to save time, money, and effort across your business practices – from finding new ways to organize your cloud and emails, to making more effective and efficient your communications with clients; vendors; and staff. As you look to enhance your business practices, workflows, and costs, consider how you manage your online SSL Certificates – doing so will protect your e-commerce site, while also helping you to stay organized and secure.

If your e-commerce website utilizes a Wildcard SSL certificate to power multiple URLs within the same basic SSL protected website, you likely can manage your certificates quite simply. However, if you manage multiple URLs that require various individual certificates, ranging from basic SSL Certificates to more advanced EV SSL Certificates (Extended Validation), it is easy to mismanage or lose track of SSL certificates due to sheer quantity. Take advantage of certificate management solutions such as the new Certificate Manager program from Comodo to efficiently manage your SSL security certificates.

Comodo is a proven provider of SSL internet security solutions. Its Certificate Manager program offers the same reliability and user-friendly features that have made Comodo well known and trusted. The SSL Certificate Manager program was developed to provide business owners and IT managers with a way to manage all of their internal and external certificates easily through one unified cloud-based platform.

When managing multiple e-commerce websites, you likely need to manage multiple online SSL certificate programs to correspond with your various sites. One of the largest challenges e-commerce business owners experience in protecting their businesses is properly organizing and administering the various certificates for all of their sites. Avoid challenges in this area by employing Comodo’s SSL Manager – the program enables you to manage each individual certificate, providing visibility into each certificate’s status – such as approved, issued, revoked, enrolled, and needs to be renewed – all from one location. Better yet, the Certificate Manager will track your various certificates – even if you use certificates from various vendors.

The full-service Web interface enables you to manage your various Web domains and organize them in a way that complements your business model by allowing you to customize parameters and criteria.

The SSL Manager program also works in harmony with S/MIME email clients. In contrast to simple SSL certificates, the Certificate Manager has advanced functionality that informs you of any potential threats, verifications, validations, or other problems with your email client certificates. This notification and alert system reduced your risk of your email client being hacked and protects your inbox and outbox.

Comodo’s SSL Certificate Manager is easy to install and use – there are no PKI management programs to install in order for the SSL Manager to work and you do not need to know complex coding; the program provides a user-friendly interface.

While there are many vendors that provide a SSL Certificate to protect your business, these SSL certificates don’t do any good unless they are properly maintained and managed. Easily organize and manage all of your certificates from one easy location with Comodo’s SSL Manager – it is an easy way to safeguard your business and make more efficient use of your time.

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