Google Engineer Find Fake SSL Certificate

January 13, 2015 | By Editor 

GoGo in flight internet service with Bogus SSL Certificate!

A Google Engineer, Adrienne Porter Felt noticed that the in flight wireless network service, Gogo was using bogus SSL Certificate, while connecting to Youtube, the video service from Google. She further posted about the fake SSL certificate on Twitter.

This was programmed to obstruct the communications between the two systems by means of a man in the middle attack. Gogo confessed to the VentureBeat, a leading source for news on innovative technology, that the purpose of implementing the use of bogus SSL certificates is to limit the users from steaming videos over the network while flying.

The Chief technology officer of Gogo, Anand Chari stated that Gogo is serious about the privacy of its customers and is really committed in giving its customers a world class internet experiance while flying. Gogo is taking initiatives and steps to bring a higher range of bandwidth to an aircraft.

Though Gogo was found to use fake SSL certificates, Gogo strongly disagrees the fact that the user data has been collected by the bogus SSL certificate. Though fake SSL certificates are used, company has taken initiatives to implement the best use of fundamental protections system to safeguard the user’s data.

It has also been found that the Gogo has submitted a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, which states that the company has surpassed the exact requirements of the Commisions Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). It has also been found by administering spyware into the inflight service.

Sources reveal that Gogo is now purposely attacking the browser’s sessions to delete any incoming defense from the user’s end. This sounds fishy that there is no legitimate reason for the company to do so.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

  • Most of you would be wondering what the term SSL is all about. Its time to share a few knowledge on SSL, Secure Sockets layer in short is called SSL.
  • It is a protocol on security that enables safeguarding websites by encrypting the communication between the web browser and the web server.
  • This helps in secure transmittance of login credentials, debit and credit card details.SSL certificate should be bought from a legitimate certificate authority for a complete security mechanism.
  • In the case of Gogo, the SSL certificate is found to be a bogus one that it is not legitimate enough to encrypt the communication and hence making the customer to be in a unsecured state.

Hence there is a sure chance of the customer’s information to get compromised as there is a man in the middle attack to stop the user from streaming the videos.


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